On January 15, Hyosung implemented the 2015 reshuffle of regular executives and promoted total 36 people. In this reshuffle, Hyosung selected those with expertise in their field who also contributed to performance increase such as enhancing global competitiveness according to business policies, fostering new growth engines, and creating an organizational culture based on responsibility management.

Hyosung held the kick-off meeting at the Mapo headquarters on January 2 in celebration of the New Year. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon provided the company’s business policy for 2015 in his New Year’s address, which is “Overcoming Crisis with Responsibility Management”. Other offices in Korea and overseas also held the kick-off meeting the same day to share New Year’s greetings and make resolutions.

Hyosung also held the 2015 Group Business Policy Seminar for those in charge of Hyosung Group’s businesses on January 17 in the Anyang Training Center, where the participants resolved to overcome the crisis and practice responsibility management.

On January 22, 30 Saenuri Party members from the Seoul office and Jeonbuk office visited the Jeonju Carbon Fiber Plant to hold a meeting on the carbon industry. Hyosung’s carbon fiber plant is the world’s third-biggest and Korea’s biggest plant equipped with the mass production system of 2,000 tons of high-strength carbon fiber a year. The members spent the day finding out about Hyosung’s carbon fiber technology by visiting the plant. 

“Hyosung’s carbon fiber plant has the entire process of turning acrylic fiber into carbon fiber, and I’m proud to see that such cutting-edge technique is developed using Korean technology,” said Kim Moo-sung, Chairman of the Supreme Council. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon promised in the meeting to contribute to making Jeonju the hub of carbon fiber in Korea.

The Gumi Plant received Grade A for the 2014 Safety and Health Cooperation Program. As a result of risk assessment and technical support for partners using the environmental safety and health system established by the Gumi Plant for 9 months starting March 2014, the Gumi Plant has succeeded in receiving Grade A back in December. 

This is more encouraging because only 4 (10%) out of total 49 companies participating in the program, which mostly consisted of conglomerates in Gumi and Gimcheon, could receive Grade A. This system also established the foundation for win-win growth as all contractors in the Gumi Plant are approved in the risk assessment.

The Yongyeon Plant received a citation from the Ulsan Mayor for its contribution to the successful completion of the 2014 Safe Korea Exercise (SKX)m at the citation event for organizations and individuals hosted on December 31 in Ulsan. 

“The SKX, which was chaired by the Director of the Environment & Green Zone Bureau in Ulsan back in October 2014, was held with the scenario of the hydrofluoric acid leakage at Hyosung’s Yongyeon Plant 1. And thanks to the Yongyeon Plant’s enthusiastic support and cooperation, the city of Ulsan could reinforce the ability to respond to disasters at an early stage, and realign the duties and roles of each department and organization,” said an official of Ulsan.

The Power Systems PU signed a business agreement with Energy Pool, the biggest demand-side management company in Europe, on January 8. With this agreement, Hyosung will participate in the Korean market established by the Korea Power Exchange in November 2014 as a demand-side management business. 

Demand-side management refers to power transaction business in which places using a great deal of energy such as plants, organizations or companies may reduce energy and sell the reduced amount to the Korea Power Exchange. Hyosung now has the foundation to lead the demand-side resources market in Korea thanks to this opportunity.

The Power Systems PU received a citation for being an outstanding partner of the Korea Gas Corporation on its New Year’s kick-off meeting on January 5, in celebration of the completion of the substation. The Pyeongtaek production base of the Korea Gas Corporation is an important national infrastructure that produces and supplies LNG to Gyeongin and Chungcheong regions. 

The Power Systems PU was acknowledged for its contribution in leading the project without a setback in producing and installing the 170kV gas insulated switchgear around Plants 1 and 2, based on thorough research on substations and cooperation with operational departments. This citation served as an opportunity to once again realize the cooperative relationship between Hyosung and the client.

Over 150 employees including Cha Cheon-soo, Construction PG Head, held a ritual to pray for performance/safety in 2015 at Mt. Manisan in Ganghwado on January 3. During this event, the employees resolved to achieve the business goals and zero accidents. 

The Construction PG won contracts worth 1.5 trillion KRW last year, which is 9 times higher than the amount in 2009. Starting with the new site Gwangmyeong in early 2015, the Construction PG plans to enhance brand value by selling over 10,000 households in other places such as Gongju and Yongin.

Hyosung ITX received the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency on January 16. Based on the rich know-how in security accumulated from its experience in the cloud business, Hyosung ITX has received ISO 27001, the international standard certification for information protection, in 2011. By receiving the ISMS certification this year, the company now satisfies all certification standards for information protection in Korea and overseas. 

Accordingly, the company now has the security system to take proactive measures against security threats that may occur in cloud or IoT environment.

The Class Hyosung held the January New Start Promotion that offers the dream opportunity to be an owner of Mercedes-Benz in celebration of the New Year. Accordingly, the buyers of the New C-Class received winter tires for the Winter Icept Evo and a chance to participate in the cooking class at Grano the Grill. This promotion is considered to have maximized the satisfaction of The Class Hyosung customers with its differentiated services.

Over 200 of the 49th new employees and 20 executives and employees of the Gyeongin region volunteered to share briquettes on January 7 in Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul. 

This event was one of the training programs for new employees to foster them into those who fulfill social responsibility as members of Hyosung. The new employees had a meaningful experience of feeling a sense of responsibility toward neighbors and the society by delivering 10,000 briquettes to 25 low-income families in Sanggye-dong.

Happiness Dudrimi, Hyosung ITX’s subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled, signed a business agreement with the Korea Job and Disability Institute on January 14. With this agreement, Happiness Dudrimi will support campaigns and researches to improve the awareness of people with disabilities.

In the signing ceremony, Hyosung ITX also presented 10 million KRW collected at the in-house bazaar called Happiness Sharing Festival back in December to be used as a development fund for the disabled. 

Hyosung co-hosted a social contribution relay event with Dongwon via SNS (social network service) for 10 days from January 26. Seeking the spread of donation culture among SNS fans and companies, this event was designed by Hyosung and Dongwon under the slogan “Tuna Touches Upon Love with Dongwon and Hyosung”. On Janaury 14, Hyosung already carried out the first event of donating tuna and ham packages to 77 families in need of help, under the names of SNS fans who left hopeful messages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/myfriendhyosung).

14 of the Industrial Materials PG’s 49th new employees volunteered at Young Nak Aenea’s Home in Yongsan-gu on January 24. Young Nak Aenea’s Home is a facility for children with severe disabilities, and Industrial Materials PG has been volunteering there every month since 2012 to help with feeding. 

To participate in the CSR activities of the Industrial Materials PG that provides substantial help for those in need, the 49th new employees helped out with cleaning, bathing and feeding. This strengthened their sense of belonging as members of the PG.

Over 30 employees of the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center and Hyosung HR Development Center cleaned up the Anyang River on January 21. The participants cleaned up from the back gate of the Anyang Plant to the Hogyeogyo Bridge and Anyang River for about an hour, showing enthusiasm despite the cold weather. The Anyang Office cleans up the Anyang River and surrounding areas every month as part of the as part of the One-Company One-River cleaning project.

The Changwon Plant employees participated in delivering briquettes in Yeojwa-dong, Jinhae-gu on January 10. Over 40 employees applied in advance to participate in the event, and they delivered 300 pieces of briquettes each for the four low-income families in need of help. Despite the difficulties of having to carry the briquettes in the cold weather on a narrow street, the smiles never left the employees’ faces throughout the entire event.

The Gumi Plant held a blood donation event on January 6. The donor cards donated in this event will be sent over to children suffering from leukemia and cancer.

The Gumi Plant signed the ‘Promise of Love in Sharing Life’ agreement with the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Blood Center of the Korean Red Cross in February 2014 to spread the culture of sharing life and stable blood supply. With this agreement, the Gumi Plant decided to participate in continuously donating blood and donor cards.

Hyosung Information Systems PU volunteered to deliver briquettes to the underprivileged families in Nowon-gu, Seoul on January 23 in cooperation with Yeontan Bank. Over 60 employees of Hyosung Information Systems PU who participated in the event delivered a total of 4,000 pieces of briquettes to elders living alone, recipients of national basic livelihood security, and low-income families despite the cold weather, hoping for them to enjoy some warmth in the winter.