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[Global Inside] Building Fellowship based on Customer First Spirit and Respect

The Turkey Division, located in Adana in Eastern Turkey, is in charge of sales in Adana as well as K.Maras, G.Antepa, and S.Urfa. Ziya Acik of the Turkey Division T/S Team contributed to increasing Hyosung's market share in the eastern region with sales strategies focused on on-site visits and efforts in promptly acquiring client information. What is the principle that Acik valued the most in sa..

[CEO LETTER] Demonstrating Professionalism and Producing Positive Outcomes

We are now only a few days away from Chuseok, the biggest holiday of Koreans. Like the saying, “Let every day be like Chuseok, no more and no less,” I hope you spend pleasant and happy Chuseok holidays with your family. Today I would like to talk about Hyun-jin Ryu who is taking an active part in LA Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). When Ryu first went to MLB, he faced many difficulties du..


Hyosung has recently invested 125 billion KRW in building a plant for polyketone, the new eco-friendly polymer material developed and launched by the company last year for the first time in the world. The company is currently building the plant, which has the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons, in the site of Hyosung’s Yongyeon Plant 2 located in Nam-gu, Ulsan. Since finalizing the plan f..

[Winners of Hyosung Employee Award] Where There is Performance, There is Reward

Proper Understanding of the Corporate Reward Program The corporate reward program forms a virtuous cycle that leads employees to produce greater results based on the company’s management philosophy, “Where there is performance, there is reward”. Candidates can be nominated at all times for the four divisions (marketing, technology, research and support) of the Hyosung Employee Award. Those who r..

[Inside Hyosung] The Joy of Sharing, the Pleasure of Communicating

Jeong Yoo-jo (Jeong) : The Strategic Planning Team of the Industrial Materials PG, to which I belong, is in charge of managing and supporting the PG’s businesses while also exploring new businesses for the future. I’m responsible for diverse and dynamic tasks as the head of the management support department, which performs duties such as general affairs, human resources, education and public rel..

[Learning from History] Hyosung Shall Take Pride in Overcoming the IMF Crisis by Itself

A. Lee Han-goo (Lee): Korean firms had been through rapid growth in the past and have grown while enduring tough situations such as the IMF crisis and the global financial crisis. Now many Korean firms have positioned themselves as global companies. It is downright amazing to examine the period in which the Korean firms were created as well as their history. Of course, there have been some error..

[Global Hyosung] The Dreams of Seven Individuals Blossoming in the Ulsan Plant

In one of the seemingly endless days of sultry weather, seven local employees from Vietnam gathered together in the education center of the Ulsan Plant. Their only goal was to do their best until the end in successfully completing the local training of technology development for local Vietnamese employees in the Industrial Materials PG Ulsan Plant. The first thing that caught our eyes was the wa..

[Behind Story] Where Do Excellent Ideas Come From?

Kim Gang-min (Kim): The Planning and Management Team of the Power Systems PU coordinates all employees in the PU Head level and below to participate in the growth of the company. I’m especially in charge of managing the Power Systems PU Sales Team and drawing up reports to help the executives make decisions. Jeong Jin-hye (Jeong): My team, which is the Power Transformer Technology Development Te..

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