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[Investigating Hyosung Employees] Opening the Era of Coexistence based on Mutual Trust

Hyosung has always believed that competitiveness of the partners is the competitiveness of all. The leaders that have empowered Hyosung employees throughout the years are none other than the members of the Win-win Growth Promotion Team. “Our company has managed a variety of partnership programs to foster the competitiveness of our partners. We’re supporting task development and education to incr..

[Creative Economy Supporter] Inspiring Creative Economy with Carbon Fiber

President Park Geun-hye attended the inauguration ceremony for the Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center held in Wansan-gu, Jeonju on November 24. Established by Hyosung with Jeollabuk-do to vitalize the ecosystem for creative economy in Jeonbuk, the Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center is a space to create such ecosystem within the area in cooperation with local human resourc..

[Social Contribution Activities] 2014, Hyosung’s Story of Sharing

Having inherited the spirit of the establishment of a state on the basis of industries stated by the founder and late Chairman Cho Hong-je, Hyosung carried out a variety of activities in celebration of the Remembrance Month to honor the people who devoted their bodies and souls to the country. The company offered a donation to the Army Headquarters of Chungnam Gyeryongdae for the “Home for Patri..

[CEO Letter] Let’s Learn the Secret to Becoming the World’s No.1 from creora®

Dear Hyosung Employees, As you know, the China–South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) became effective on November 10. Korea has enthusiastically broadened the economic territories by signing FTAs already with the U.S. and EU. Now we have signed FTAs with 73% of the world markets, which I hope will provide a desirable breakthrough in such tough world economy. Since Korea has small domestic marke..


Hyosung's management had a talk with Nguyen Phu Trong, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, to discuss cooperation for vitalization of Vietnamese economy, at Shilla Hotel, Jangchung-dong, Seoul, in the morning of October 3. On this day, Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon expressed his gratitude to the general secretary, saying, "Our global business is taking..

[The Family Shows Up!] A Sweet Gift from Family Resembling Each Other

How can they resemble each other to this much? Not only appearance, but they are also much alike in their character; once they come to like something, they just dig into it. Their smile, which spreads just by eye contact, reveals their closeness words cannot depict. This closeness, which is stronger than heredity, makes Kim's family look very alike each other. Watching each other's eyes is all t..

[What's Up] Reward a Merit without Fail

Park joined the Maintenance Business Team under Construction PU in 2012. Since then he has made a huge contribution to improving the brand awareness of Harrington Place, our company's housing brand, and expanding the contract-winning and sales in the reconstruction market. More specifically, he played a crucial role in winning the contract for the Gongneung-dong reconstruction project, a large-s..

[Inside Hyosung] Centennial Company, Hyosung Now It's Your Turn

◎ Loyalty Loyalty is simply justifiable but hard to practice. Now we are meeting a person who has practiced this word from the foundation of Hyosung until now. Jeong Dal-young, an accountant, is that person, who was one of the founding members when the founder Cho Hong-jai founded Hyosung 48 years ago. Celebrating the 48th anniversary of the foundation of the company this year, two new members o..


Hyosung held briefing sessions for recruitment at 15 major universities nationwide starting from September 1. The sessions were held along with conferences and job fairs, taking place in prominent universities in Korea starting from Sungkyunkwan University to Chung-Ang University, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Kyungpook National University, Korea University, Pusan National Univer..

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