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Hyosung News July

On June 27th in Mapo headquarters, Hyosung held the ‘Ceremony of Sharing and Support for the Vulnerable Social Group in Mapo-gu’ and presented a support fund of KRW 20 million. Vice President Noh Jae-bong (head of Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group), Noh Woong-rae, member of the National Assembly in Mapo-gu, and Lim Man-soo, chairman of the Mapo-gu social welfare council, attended the event. The su..

[Happy Story] The Art of Travel, Seeking a New Life

Always very curious, Kim Yoon-hee gets energy from traveling. She had made the decision to go to other countries since she was in high school. After she entered university, she stayed abroad as an exchange student and experienced a variety of cultures in different countries. She traveled around Europe, her dream destination, when she was a sophomore. The next year she went to the Middle East and..

[Beautiful Together] Industrial Materials PG Performs ‘Visiting Classical Music Concert’

Loud noises come from Young Nak Aenea’s Home located on the foot of Mt. Namsan. The hammering sounds of the drums, splendid sounds of the trumpet, and beautiful melodies of an aria from an opera ----- joyous and beautiful music resonated through the place. Come and join the concert that was made with a devoted heart and sincerity! ‘Bum da bum bum……’ The magnificent sounds of brass instruments pa..

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