[CEO Letter] Let Us Overcome Difficulties with a ‘Positive Virus’

2013.07.12 09:30

Let us overcome difficulties with a positive virus

The hot weather continues day after day, making us feel physically exhausted. Those in charge of the production sites and sales might be especially more worn out. I would like to express gratitude and encouragement for your hard work, and I hope all your efforts lead to good outcomes and build a foundation for the development of the company as well as individuals.


Recently, we can barely reduce the tension in coping with the business environment that surrounds us. The world economy is gradually showing recovery, but it might not be able to be completely free from the basic low-growth conditions that have continued for many years.


The second half of this year is extremely likely to experience volatility in the business environment due to various risk factors such as the quantitative easing of the US, direction of Abenomics, the European financial crisis, and China’s tight-money market concerns. We must carefully examine the changes in the world economy and take prompt measures.



President Ronald Reagan Never Lost His Smile in Difficulties


President Ronald Reagan


In this issue’s CEO Letter, I would like to talk about Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. Born extremely poor, Reagan suffered from severe astigmatism since childhood, and even got a hearing disability due to an accident during his years as an actor. After he became the President, he had an operation of colon carcinoma, and had to suffer from a rare disease in which his fingers became twisted up until his retirement.





Despite so many difficulties, he was famous for always smiling brightly and having a great sense of humor. Once, when the approval rating dropped significantly, he said to the worrying presidential aide, “All I have to do is just get shot one more time, right?” This referred to how his approval rating increased greatly when he was almost at death’s door in 1981 from the gunshot by a lunatic.


President Reagan never lost positive thoughts and composed attitude in all circumstances. He ended the Cold War by performing his role with confidence, and made many praiseworthy achievements such as revitalizing the US economy. He was selected as the Greatest US President in the Gallup poll conducted in 2011.



Take a Step Forward in Difficulties with Positive Mind



think positive


Our business environment today is rather tough. But we cannot solve anything by just worrying about it in anxiety. In a time like this, we need confidence and positive mind that we can overcome the difficulties. If we see the situation negatively, we will only recoil from the thought that nothing will work. We can only find the way to solve it by trying with the determination that we can endure it to the end.


Kyocera’s honorary chairman Inamori Kazuo, who is acclaimed as the top 3 business gods in Japan along with Matsushita Konosuke and Honda Soichiro, emphasized positive attitude at all times. “A positive person has the initiative to always take a step forward without knowing what will happen,” he says. As a result, even if they step into the mire, they think, Those who are behind me can be more careful now that they’ve seen me. These kinds of people are the driving force that motivates the company to proceed unceasingly, and Kyocera could grow into a global corporation thanks to these talented individuals.



Positive Mind Comes From Positive Words


positive thinking


Then what should we do to take positive actions? Nothing changes by just thinking about it; a conscious action must always follow.


I request you to use many positive words for positive mind.

I think Korea is one country that uses the expression ‘I’m dying’ most frequently. It is such a violent and negative expression, but we automatically sigh and say, “I’m dying!” even in the slightest difficulties. And it does not stop here.


If we frequently use negative words like ‘No,’ ‘I can’t,’ and ‘I hate it,’ things that are actually not that difficult nor bad seem tough and hard. Furthermore, these words affect people around us and may lead to collective loss of will as well as lethargy.






I request you to deliberately use more positive words like ‘I can do it,’ ‘I want to,’ and ‘Good.’ Instead of finding 99 reasons why you cannot do it, find the one reason why you can do it, and try doing that. If we keep up with this, we can be the person who can take a step forward in front of the mire.


By taking each step forward, the company will pass through the difficulties and continue to develop. We can and must create a workplace full of positive virus. I look forward to seeing all of the Hyosung employees taking the initiative.


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