[CEO Letter] ‘Active Listening’ and ‘Conversation’ are the Essentials of Transparent Organizational Culture

2013.06.14 10:00

‘Active Listening’ and ‘Conversation’ are the Essentials of Transparent Organizational Culture

It is June, with half a year already passed. It is time to look back on how many you managed to carry out of the things you had planned at the beginning of the year, and think about what you missed and what you lack. I hope you review your plans based on this to accomplish your annual goals in the second half of the year, and carry them out one by one.

Last month, we held the completion ceremony of the Carbon Fiber Jeonju Plant. Technology development and plant establishment were in smooth progress thanks to complete support from Jeollabuk-do and Jeonju. As carbon fiber contributes to regional economic development and receives attention as a new growth engine for the Korean economy, we will do our best to produce good quality products and contribute to the growth of the carbon fiber business in Korea.


Recently, we also published the Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report combines our company’s various sustainability performances such as environment-friendly and ethical management, win-win growth, and social contribution activities for public disclosure. The things you do are combined to form our company’s sustainability. Thus, I hope all Hyosung employees take more interest in contributing to the society and making Hyosung a well-loved company.

Communication Must Work Properly to Form an Organization


It is generally said that human beings are social animals. They instinctively want to live together rather than be alone. In particular, ‘living together’ not only indicates the aspect of space but also includes mutual communication and emotional exchange. If there are no conversations, people will feel lonely and have conflicts even if they live under the same roof. This shows how important communication is in our daily life.


Communication is extremely important in a company as well, because it is an organization in which people are gathered. As there is hierarchy and division of labor, it is necessary to share and deliver all kinds of information accurately and promptly in all directions. People have different thoughts, working methods or speed; thus, without proper communication, ‘too many cooks will spoil the broth’.

Free Communication regardless of Rank will Lead to Good Performance


In 1977, a huge accident occurred near the Los Rodeos Airport in northern Africa: Pan American World Airways and B747 of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines crashed into each other, killing 583 people in the process. This accident was caused by improper communication between the control tower and pilots when they could scarcely see ahead due to a thick fog. The control tower could not give proper instructions, and the pilots did not understand those instructions properly or even ignored them, which led to heavy casualties.


On the contrary, there is also a case in which free communication within the organization led to improved performance. PIXAR, an American animation company, settled the corporate culture in which employees can talk freely regardless of rank. They hold special meetings of the ‘Brain Trust’, where anyone regardless of rank or department can participate in discussions as long as they have ideas to improve their films. Based on such active communication, PIXAR could create world-famous hit films such as ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo.’

Active Listening’ and ‘Conversation’ are Important Bases of Communication


Active Listening’

There is an idiom that emphasizes communication” ‘Active listening will win the heart of others.’ Winning the heart of others in life is difficult yet important. The idiom states that the best way to do this is to ‘listen actively.’ Dale Carnegie, the world-renowned specialist in self-management, also said, “80% of our success in learning from other people is based upon how well we listen.”

Active listening and conversation are the beginning of all relationships. An organization without communication will be stagnant and spoiled like water that does not flow. Hyosung’s future will be brighter if we have leaders who listen attentively to others, as well as strong junior staff who can transparently and honestly communicate with those leaders. If you are agonizing over a problem at work, talk to others actively. You will find the answer that you missed.


Remember that you always have your coworkers who will listen carefully to what you say and help you. Let us join forces to create the GWP (Great Work Place) by communicating with active listening and conversation.

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