[GWP] Sharing the Great Work Place with Familes of Employees

2013.06.14 10:00

Sharing the Great Work Place

In the event, the visitors could appreciate artworks of Luxembourg that are considered the best in Europe. Families of Industrial Materials PG, especially for those with elementary-school children, participated in the event. It was a great opportunity for the six families who wanted a special cultural experience for their children. There were diversified events as well as various projects displayed by artists, and being with the family added more inspiration to the event. Let’s look into their perfect day.

‘Industrial Materials PG Family Exhibition Participation Event’ as a GWP Activity

‘Industrial Materials PG Family Exhibition Participation Event’ as a GWP Activity

On May 4, Industrial Materials PG held the Industrial Materials PG Family Exhibition Participation Event’ in Artsonje Center to implement GWP (Great Work Place). Held in celebration of Children’s Day, this event enhanced the pride of the Industrial Materials PG employees in Hyosung, and enabled their families to meet with other families within Industrial Materials PG. It was a meaningful occasion in which they could feel the pleasure of participating in art activities they otherwise cannot enjoy at work.

Six families participated in this event, with two families from Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU, two from Technical Yarn PU, and two from Carbon Fiber Business Division all in Industrial Materials PG. Dads and Moms enjoyed artworks and experienced art activities with their children in <A More Perfect Day: Collection of Mudam Luxembourg>. It was an event that brought harmony in which they could form a bond of sympathy with children and strengthen the ties among family members.

The Charm of ‘Utopia’ Discovered in the Museum

The Charm of 'Utopia' in the Museum

<The educator, before the Industrial Materials PG families began the tour of the museum, 

asked the question above.>

A place where I can see the ocean at a glance when I open the door.”

“I want a home with a garden full of flowers all year round.”

A variety of answers came from the families, which sparkled like the colors of the museum.

The theme of <A More Perfect Day: Collection of Mudam Luxembourg> in the Artsonje Center was ‘utopia’. Next, it was time to encounter utopia dreamed by the artists of the same period. The families were divided into two teams to look up the location of Luxembourg and set off to fully enjoy the tour of the museum, keeping in mind the manners of the museum tour.

The Charm of ‘Utopia’ Discovered in the Museum

The families of Materials PG viewed each artwork in paces slower than usual as they were with children. They paused in front of a large work of installation art, < The Truth (The Earth is Plane, The World is Flat)>, by the Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov. 

After listening to the explanation by the educator, the families talked with other families about the topic, ‘what if I go to a gathering with people who believe that the earth is plane?’ Min-jae, the eldest daughter of Department Head Gang Seok-joo of Technical Yarn PU Future Strategy Team, viewed each artwork carefully as usual; the youngest one, Min-jun, was a curious and daring boy who was also active in speaking of his thoughts on the artworks.

The Charm of ‘Utopia’ Discovered in the Museum

They also enjoyed the video and neon installation artwork by a Luxembourg artist and cellist Su-Mei Tse, and encountered the artist’s message in racial discrimination through the beautiful and bizarre shadow show with various colors in <Dark town Rebellion>. As a matter of fact, the theme of the day’s art tour is urging us to doubt all the truth we have taken for granted and have more active mindset. Visiting art museums was one of the hobbies of Lee Se-na, who was introduced by Gang as the sensible wife who takes good care of children and assists her husband well.”

There were many artists who sounded unfamiliar in name, but their unique and experimental works fascinated me. Besides, Artsonje Center is a place I frequently visited with my husband when we were dating, and it feels like a new experience coming with the kids. It’s a meaningful moment for the kids as well as us couple.”

An Inspiring Event in Harmony with Family

After the tour of the museum, the families moved on to enjoy the art experience in which they imagined and created the home of their dreams. They used the paper and markers provided to draw the house in which they live at the moment, and also drew a dream home of the families (utopia) next to it. There was lively chatter for a while, followed by presentations of the pictures drawn by the families. Min-jae stepped up to represent Gang’s family.

“Dad went to work on his own private plane instead of the road with traffic, and Mom went to a nearby shop that sells sweet cakes. A monster appeared in my brother’s school, which Min-jun really likes. I’m playing in the pool and playground in front of our house. My whole family is laughing.”

There was loud applause. Other families continued to present, and the day’s event came to an end with everyone’s laughter and applause. It was double the joy and reward for Gang, because he was selected after 5 attempts at the first-reply events frequently held in the Industrial Materials PG for tickets to exhibitions, concerts and performances.

The families of Industrial Materials PG shone brightly with pure family love, perfectly harmonized with utopia dreamed by the artists of this time.

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