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2013.06.14 10:00

Combine Self-management with Your Life

To be a successful office worker, self-management is necessary in three areas. You can enjoy a successful work life only if you comprehensively manage expertise, personal connections, and health.

First, Manage Your Expertise

Taking an Educational Course


Nothing is more profitable than learning. Even if your company does not provide any education, you must spend your own money to continue taking educational courses. It is useful to learn computer skills, analysis methods of financial statements, leadership as well as interpersonal relations knowhow regardless of department.

Obtaining a Certificate

If you are to learn something, it is beneficial to obtain a related certificate. Certificates high in scarcity will help improve professional competence. But it does not help much to obtain various certificates that are unrelated.

Learning a Foreign Language

There is a huge gap in the pay scale between someone who speaks English fluently and someone who does not. If you are not interested in getting a degree or certificate, you must develop foreign language skills.

Earning a Master’s or Doctor’s Degree

A true professional must have hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge. Earning a master’s or doctor’s degree is the most definite way to develop expertise. Recently there are increasing office workers who are working during the day and studying at night to earn a doctor’s degree.

Second, Manage Your Personal Connections Second, Manage Your Personal Connections

Building a Network Within the Same Field

It is good to participate in gatherings and online club activities with other people within the same industry. If there are none, create one yourself. You will be able to obtain information necessary for work as well as personal connections.


Maintaining In-Company Interpersonal Relations

Internal networking is as important as external networking. Participate actively in in-company club activities. If you get along well with others in your company, work becomes easier. An outcast in a company is less likely to become an executive than to win a lottery.


Participating in Clubs Related to Your Hobby

You can win both things at once: enjoying your hobby and managing personal connections. If you meet and become more familiar with various people regardless of industry, you will be able to receive more substantial help than you expect.

Third, Manage Your Health

Controlling Stress

If your mind is ill, so is your body. Stress is a cause of all kinds of illnesses. Relieve your stress from time to time with exercise or hobby. If you don’t, you will become ill and have difficulty at work.

Developing a Useful Habit

A healthy body is influenced by habit. Habits such as drinking, smoking, eating certain foods, exercising, sleeping time or consumption patterns determine health as well as success at work. Shape the future by managing habits that will lead you to success and wealth.

Being with Family

The biggest stress comes when a problem occurs in family relations. Try to maintain good relationships with your wife and children. Eat or do volunteer work with your family regularly.


If it is difficult to manage all the things above, choose a few and work on it step by step. Continuity is most important. You must make constant efforts to develop and improve yourself. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It is tough to stick to these things if you are busy, sick of other people, or exhausted. But you need patience not to give up when you face a barrier, but continue to push forward instead, like a farmer raising bamboos.


A bamboo shoots out buds only four years after sowing. Then it grows 20m in 90 days. The farmer cannot see with his own eyes how the bamboo grows for four years, but he consistently waters it, believing that it is growing well underground. We must not neglect the task of watering ourselves with the farmer’s mind, believing in that we are growing and improving even if we cannot see an evident change right away.

Hee-gyeong Lee, Director, Dream HR

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