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2013.06.14 10:00

Hyosung news

Chairman Cho S.R. Receives an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology


In the graduation ceremony of Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, which was held on May 19 (KST) in Stuart Field, Chairman Cho S.R. received an honorary doctorate in engineering from the president John L. Anderson. This is the first honorary doctorate given to a Korean by Illinois Institute of Technology. Cho received another ‘honorary doctorate in engineering’ overseas, which is the second one after the doctorate from Japan’s Waseda University in 2005. This is unprecedented, as entrepreneurs are commonly given honorary doctorates in business administration.


“As the CEO of Hyosung, Mr. Cho has established global networks in China, Asia, Europe and the Americas with its global top products tire cords, spandex and even ATM, developing Hyosung into a global company both in name and reality,” was the explanation provided by Illinois Institute of Technology. They added, “He has actively fulfilled various activities as a people-to-people diplomacy expert in the global business arena, making efforts to enhance goodwill and economic cooperation in international relations by successively holding various posts such as chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries, Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), Korea-U.S. Business Council, and Korea-Japan Economic Association.”


 Hyosung Holds ‘First-Quarter Hyosung Employee Award’ Ceremony

 On May 9 in the basement auditorium of Mapo headquarters, Hyosung held the ‘First-Quarter Hyosung Employee Award Ceremony’ during the ‘Conversations with Executives’ session. In the ‘First-Quarter Hyosung Employee Award Ceremony’, winners were selected in two sectors: marketing and technology. In the marketing sector, Department Head Kim Ho-jun of HGS PU Petrochemical Sales Team (currently working in Dubai Office) was honored with the award. Kim eliminated the bidding of global pump companies in advance by securing client trust in our company’s technical skills and persuading the relative departments of the client, and succeeded in winning the contract of SK Innovation’s new plant pumps. He contributed greatly to increasing the profits of our company by being the first in Korea to win the contract of charging pump, which is the localized pump for oil refining plants. In the technology sector, Department Head Lee Gyeong-sun of Industrial Machinery PU Low-voltage Motor Design Team took the pleasure of winning the award. Lee obtained domestic and global certifications for developing premium motors with top global cost level and competitive quality. He has created a foundation to dominate the market by preemptively developing high-efficiency products with high potential for market growth.

President cho Hyun-Joon Visits GST Murg Plant in Germany

On May 11, President Cho Hyun-Joon visited the GST Murg Plant in Germany and looked around the processes of warping, sizing, weaving (FF and OPW), scouring and inspection. A total of 8 people participated in the event, including President Cho Hyun-Joon, GST CEO Georg St-Denis, Vice-President Jeon Young-gwan, and Senior Vice-President Chung Hong-jun. The event enabled them to understand the sales status of products manufactured in Germany and customer satisfaction in quality. President Cho Hyun-Joon emphasized the significance in understanding and responding well to the characteristics and demands of individual customers, and also in enhancing management of production, finance and technology on global sites.

Hyosung R&C Center Attends ‘2013 KIChE Spring Meeting’ Job Fair

 On April 26, Hyosung R&C Center participated in the ‘2013 KIChE (Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers) Spring Meeting’ held in Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju. This meeting included a job fair, in which Hyosung R&C Center participated along with Samsung Total, Lotte Chemical, and Hanwha Chemical to conduct a recruitment briefing session and consultations. In the briefing session, they introduced the top global products spandex and tire cords as well as new state-of-the-art material of TAC film and core technologies suc has carbon fiber. Moreover, they introduced Hyosung’s R&D system and the R&C Center’s GWP program, which received attention from many excellent master’s degree and doctor’s degree students.

Hyonsung R&C Center Obtains Pressurized Hollow Fiber Membrane Module Certification

 On April 18, Hyosung R&C Center obtained the ‘pressurized hollow fiber membrane module certification’ regarding the standard for precision filtration membrane module for water pipe and ultrafiltration membrane module from Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association. According to the Waterworks Law, water treatment plants implementing the membrane filtration technique must use the products of companies that obtained the membrane module certification. Hyosung R&C Center had also obtained the membrane module certification on submerged hollow fiber membrane in 2011. With that and this year’s acquisition of the pressurized hollow fiber membrane module certification, they became the first organization to have both pressurized membrane module certifications. Hyosung R&C Center now secures competitive technology in the rapidly growing water treatment market while also responding promptly to various customer demands.


Hyonsung Provides Education on Fair trade Act

  On May 7 in the auditorium of the headquarters, Hyosung provided education on the Fair Trade Act to prevent violation of the Fair Trade Act. Hosted by the Legal Affairs Team of the Support Division, this education was provided to 115 people including executives and team managers of sales and strategic planning departments in each PG/PU. Oh Geum-seok, a lawyer from Bae, Kim & Lee, visited our company to give a lecture. The education mostly focused on case studies so that practical matters can be used in everyday tasks. It included the types and actual cases of cartel (collusion), precautions in writing documents, and cases of unfair support of subsidiaries.



 Textile PG

Spandex PU Holds ‘Muslim Wear Design Contest’ Awards Ceremony

 From April 18 to 21, the Spandex PU participated in the Indonesian exhibition ‘Indo Intertex’ and held the awards ceremony for the Muslim Wear Design Contest. Soltiyas, a design student at STT Textile in Bandung, Indonesia, won this contest. Instead of fabric with fancy patterns usually used in Muslim fashion, Soltiyas used simple gold and black fabric and added sparkling beads. Soltiyas was honored with the award with this concept titled ‘Glory of Night.’ “I encountered the brand Creora for the first time in this contest, and discovered the excellent quality and functionality of spandex products,” said Soltiyas. “The design contest will be a huge help for others who study design.” 

Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant Conducts 2013 First Half ‘Unity Training’


 The Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant conducted the 2013 First Half Unity Training for three times in May 3, 7 and 13, in which all 450 full-time and cooperative employees participated. They climbed Songnisan (mountain) in Boeun-gun, Chungbuk, in celebration of spring, and enjoyed various events and games at the top. It was a meaningful event in which they could enhance communication, harmony and loyalty to the company.

 Gumi Plant Holds Event of Daegyeong Region PSM Benchmarking Visit of Excellent Worksites


 On May 9, the Gumi Plant held an event of Daegyeoung region PSM (Process Safety Management) benchmarking visit of excellent worksites. With the Gumi Plant selected as the excellent PSM worksite in Daegu and Gyeongbuk region, over 100 people including Serious Accident Prevention Center’s supervisors, technology consultants and people from 90 member companies participated in the event. The Gumi Plant gave a presentation on the PSM activities and a tour of the site. There is an increasing emphasis on the importance of safety with many recent cases of serious accidents such as leakage of harmful substances and explosions. The event provided an opportunity for the Gumi Plant to announce their excellent PSM activities and made their presence known as a leading plant in PSM activities in Daegu and Gyeongbuk region.

Gumi Plant Holds Cultural Event in Celebration of Family Month May


 As part of the GWP activities in celebration of the family month May, the Gumi Plant held the ‘Film-Watching Cultural Event: <Iron Man 3>’. They rented the Gumi Lotte Cinema for two days, May 11 and 18, for the event. It was well-received by the employees, with the participation of over 800 staff members and families of affiliated companies.



‹‹ Industrial Materials PG››

Carbon Fiber Business Division Completes Construction of Jeonju Plant for New Dream Material Carbon Fiber

 On May 15, the Carbon Fiber Business Division held the completion ceremony of the Carbon Fiber Jeonju Plant in the eco-friendly industrial complex (Phase 3-1) in Palbok-dong, Jeonju. About 500 people participated to grace the occasion, including Vice-Chairman Lee Sang-woon; Cho Hyun-sang, Head of Industrial Materials PG; Han Gwang-seok, Head of Carbon Fiber Business Division; and Bang Yun-hyeok, Jeonju Plant Manager from our company. There were also participants from the government agencies, including Yoon Sang-jik, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy; Kim Wan-ju, governor of Jeollabuk-do; Song Ha-jin, mayor of Jeonju; and Kim Seong-joo, member of the National Aassembly. In 2007, our company established the pilot carbonization process of carbon fiber with the annual capacity of 150 tons with the city of Jeonju. In April of the following year, we launched a joint research and developed Korea’s first high-performance carbon fiber mass production technology in March 2011. In June of the same year, we made an investment agreement to establish a carbon fiber manufacturing plant. Our company will expand the carbon fiber production capacity to 14,000 tons by investing KRW 1.2 trillion in the carbon fiber field by 2020 and create 1,000 jobs.


“We will try our best with all our might to produce diversified and good-quality products to contribute to regional and national development,” said Cho Hyun-sang, Head of Industrial Materials PG, in this completion ceremony. He expressed gratitude toward many people who did not spare their interest and support on completing the construction, as well as the participants of the ceremony.

GST Automotive Safety (Changshu) Co. Ltd Conducts Test Run of Changshu Plant in China

 On April 19, Plant Manager Sky Yang and Deputy Plant Manager Gang Young-ho participated in the test run of GST Automotive Safety (Changshu) Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GST Changshu Plant in China). The global airbag weaving company GST in Germany unwontedly held a Korean-style shamanistic ritual to celebrate the test run and pray for successful business in the future. The test run of GST Changsu Plant in China was a meaningful event in that it is the first plant established in cooperation by Hyosung and GST after the acquisition of GST, as well as GST’s first weaving plant in China.


Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Ulsan Plant Offers ‘Superior Invited Lectures’


 On May 3, the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Ulsan Plant held the Superior Invited Lectures. Former vice-president Ahn Hong-mun was invited to give the first lecture. Ahn has held the posts of the Ulsan Plant Manager and the General Plant Manager, after which he fulfilled the post of the Head of Industrial Materials PG. In this lecture, Ahn gave a talk on the process of how the tire cord business has developed since the Tong Yang Nylon years, how he solved the various quality issues, and how the current Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU was born. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session, a presentation ceremony of the appreciation plaque, and commemorative shoots. This event provided an opportunity for the Ulsan Plant employees to reflect on the past and present of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU and form a bond to endlessly strive for growth rather than settling for the present.

 Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Ulsan Plant Conducts ‘2013 First-Quarter Management Briefing Session’

 The Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Ulsan Plant held the 2013 First-Quarter Management Briefing Session’ on April 26, May 2 and May 7. The briefing session, conducted three months after the one on management crisis at the beginning of the year, was intended to share the first-quarter business performance, market environment and future prospects of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU and Ulsan Plant with all the employees. Currently, Chinese competitors are emerging and friendly competition between the Ulsan Plant and overseas plants is intensified. The session provided an explanation on plans to enhance competitiveness for the Ulsan Plant to fulfill its duty as the Mother Plant and matters to focus on in order to turn its tire cords into a brand. It also provided the occasion to be aware of the significance of such plans.

‹‹ Chemicals PG ››

 Yongyeon Plant Holds ‘GWP Promotion Committee Launching Ceremony’


 On April 24, the Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee elected General Plant Manager Cho Do-seon as chairman, Management Team Manager Kim Jin-wook as agent, and 19 committee members to represent 9 levels (2 to 3 members for each level) in the seven Pus in the Yongyeong Plant (Yongyeon Plant Administration Center, Yongyeon Plant Official Business Center, PP/DH, TPA, Neochem, Optical Film, and Film). Agent Kim Jin-wook explained the concept of GWP and the role of the Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee, followed by a discussion on future directions.

Optical Film PU Yongyeon Plant Holds ‘Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet’

  The Optical Film PU Yongyeon Plant held the Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet’ over three sessions. The athletic meet was carried out in the form of league competition, and there was a game between A and C on April 29, A and B on May 2, and B and C on May 7. The athletic meet was held under the supervision of Yongyeon Plant Manager Kim Seong-gyun. With the intention to boost the unity among members of the PU as well as a sense of belonging and loyalty to the PU and the company, the event was a meaningful occasion to form unity among employees.

 Yongyeon Plant Holds ‘Cultural Event’ in Celebration of Children’s Day


 The Yongyeon Plant held a cultural event in celebration of Children’s Day on May 5. Employees with elementary-school children were provided with 10,000-won gift certificates for each child, along with the tickets (4 tickets per family) to the comic musical <Prison> performed in Ulsan CK Art Hall. To reinforce emotional bonds, the Yongyeon Plant provides various events for employees to enjoy their time with families. Aside from the Children’s Day event, the Yongyeon Plant is planning other events such as ‘Family-Invited Daily Cooking Class’.

Yongyeon Plant Conducts ‘Group Meetings’ with On-Site Employees

 The Yongyeon Plant is conducting group meetings with on-site employees. The participants include Level 5 technical and production workers in PP/DH PU, TPA PU, Optical Film PU, Film PU, and Neochem PU. The meetings will be carried out in 13 sessions throughout this year. On May 22, the 6th group meeting was held with 19 key members of PP/DH PU and 6 employees of the Management Team. The group meeting consisted of the Management Team’s presentation of the annual business plans, followed by a game of foot volleyball and dinner. The Yongyeon Plant intends to provide an occasion for communication between on-site employees and the Management Team, and to pursue harmony among different generations of on-site workers and interchange between existing and new staff.

‹‹ Power & Industrial Systems PG ››


Jochiwon Plant holds ‘2013 Plant Manager’s Cup Athletic Meet.’


 From April 22 to 26, the Jochiwon Plant held the ‘2013 Plant Manager’s Cup Athletic Meet.’ It was held during the lunch hour, and all employees of the Jochiwon Plant and partner companies participated in the meet. There were competitions in various events such as foot volleyball, jegi-chagi (Korean shuttlecock game), and cork-hitting game, which increased harmony and unity of all employees of the Jochiwon Plant and partner companies.

 Industrial Machinery PU Completes Test Run of Jakabaring Project

 On April 15, there was a completion ceremony of the Indonesia Jakabaring CNG (compressed natural gas) power plant, supplied by the Industrial Machinery PU after winning the contract in April in the previous year. The Jakabaring project is the first CNG peaking power plant established by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT. PLN) in Indonesia in Palembang of Sumatra. Personage of all social standings participated in the opening event, including the president of PLN and governor of southern Sumatra. Our company was officially invited as the chief facility supplier. Through this project, the Industrial Machinery PU expanded the business scope of CNG station and established a solid foothold in the overseas generator business. In the next 5 years, Indonesia will carry out at least 30 similar projects. Based on the success of this project, our company is planning to continuously secure market dominance by enhancing EPC competitiveness.


Changwon Plant Holds Lunchtime Event of Group Rope Jumping

The Changwon Plant’s lunchtime event of group rope jumping started from May 8. 22 people form one team to jump ropes, and 46 teams applied for participation in this year’s event. It will be in the form of tournament, determining the final winning team on May 20. Last year, Special Machinery Design Team won the competition with the record of 44 jumps. The Changwon Plant has begun to hold lunchtime events since March 2012 to create an energetic organizational culture by activating teamwork and communication. Employees who participated in the event showed positive reactions, such as “It is an opportunity to make precious memories with teammates outside work,” and “Going for the same goal unites our hearts, which will improve our work.” The lunchtime events of the Changwon Plant provide tonic for employees to have fun and laugh, while also strengthen teamwork and harmony.

Changwon Plant Conducts ‘Mentoring Ability Improvement Education for New Section Chiefs’


 From May 15 to 16 in Gaya Hotel, the Changwon Plant conducted the Mentoring Ability Improvement Education for New Section Chiefs’ for them to perceive their role as middle managers of the team and be motivated for a new start. This education was for 52 new section chiefs promoted in April, providing various programs for them to learn how to maintain relationships based on sympathy through interest, active listening, sympathy and mutual understanding, how to manage positive attitude, how to control stress, and how to resolve conflicts.

 Changwon Plant Conducts ‘Intensive Mentoring Ability Education for Foremen’


 The Changwon Plant conducted the Intensive Mentoring Ability Education for Foremen’ for 85 foremen, divided into two sessions: the first session on May 6 and 7, and the second on May 9 and 10. This education is intended to provide guidelines for foremen to establish the right attitude as field managers and reinforce trusting relations with members by solving communication issues. The foremen learned and practiced effective communication and face-to-face conversation skills, and also created action plans.


 Changwon Plant Conducts ‘Risk Assessment Meeting’

 On May 23 in the main building of Plant 1, the Changwon Plant and Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA) conducted a risk assessment meeting. A risk assessment is an action in which all members of an organization participates in drawing risk factors in each process and grasping the current safety measures to gradually solve the risk factors. Plant Manager Kim Deok-soo and representatives of 15 companies out of over 70 partner companies of the Changwon Plant participated in this meeting, discussing various issues with KOSHA president Baek Hun-ki and other guests. They discussed suggestions to improve the risk assessments that had been conducted by the Changwon Plant thus far, and ways for successful settlement. “A good system is completed only by execution. We will implement and settle risk assessment properly and make safety our number one priority to make the Changwon Plant a zero-disaster worksite,” said Plant Manager Kim Deok-soo in the closing remarks of the meeting.

‹‹ Trading PG ››

Steel & Metal Products 2 PU Holds Workshop


 From May 24 to 25, the Steel & Metal Products 2 PU held a workshop based on the ideas of all employees. Unlike the previous workshops focusing on earnings announcement, PU members actively participated in this workshop to enjoy various programs and develop necessary strategies for the PU. The events consisted of the GWP presentation, bungee jumping, survival game, and cooking contest (an idea provided by one of the 47th new employees). The GWP agent autonomously prepared the GWP proclamation ceremony, explaining the directivity for GWP and the ESI results to the PU Head and all employees. They resolved to make internal and external efforts to create a great work place.


‹‹ Construction PG ››

 Construction PG Conducts ‘2013 Integrated Purchasing Group Partners Win-Win Growth Meeting’


 On April 23 in Seoul Palace Hotel, the Construction PG conducted the 2013 Integrated Purchasing Group Partners Win-Win Growth Meeting’ with representatives of partner companies and employees. Over 30 employees and representatives of about 100 partner companies participated in the meeting, listening to the recent difficulties of specialized construction businesses such as increased construction costs. They also discussed various pending issues including Hyosung’s various support policies for win-win growth with partners, such as improvement of terms of payment and benefit sharing.


 The Construction PG also explained the operation plans for the Integrated Purchasing Group and the business plans for the three units of the Construction PG. They listened to the opinions of partner companies and introduced policies to establish partnerships for win-win growth. The Construction PG stated that they will ‘accept estimates of alternative construction methods using technical skills and knowhow of partners through alternative tender and benefit sharing, and expand the application scope of new construction methods and new products.’ Moreover, they announced their plans to prevent unreasonably low-price orders and dumping bids by conducting low-price deliberations and secure reasonable profits for partners, and also to establish a foundation for win-win growth of Hyosung as well as partners by providing information on good orders. “I would like to ask all of you to make efforts to thoroughly review the partners’ difficulties discussed in this meeting with relevant departments and actively reflect them, so that this occasion can be a starting point of mutual trust and communication rather than only an official meeting,” requested Cha Cheon-soo, Head of the Construction PG. It was expected that about 100 representatives of partner companies would participate among the partners of Hyosung Construction PG Integrated Purchasing Group, but over 300 companies requested participation, making a great appeal to the industry. The Construction PG will expand the scope of potential participants and continue to hold meetings to collect various opinions of the partners.

‹‹ Information & Communication PG ››

 Hyosung Information Systems Attends ‘2013 Digital Insight Conference’ and ‘2013 SSD Impact Conference’

 On May 15, Hyosung Information Systems attended and gave a session presentation in the 2013 Digital Insight Conference (topic: Big Data, Finding the Way in Success Cases)’ hosted by the Digital Times. For the topic presentation of the seminar, Kim Dong-hyeok, Solution Business Team 1 Manager of our company, introduced the big data introduction procedure and application cases based on the contents of ‘Implementing Customized Big Data’, as well as our company’s big data related solution, H-Peloton. On May 24, Hyosung Information Systems also attended the ‘2013 SSD Impact Conference’ hosted by the Electronic Times. Department Head Kim Soon-deok of the SA Team gave a session presentation on the topic of ‘Enterprise Storage & SSD’, and received attention by introducing HAF (Hitachi Accelerated Flash), the SSD solution of Hyosung Information Systems.

Nautilus Hyosung Celebrates Foundation Day and Holds Department Unity Events

 In celebration of the 26th anniversary of the company, Nautilus Hyosung held a ceremony and unity event for each department. On May 23 in the Global Training Center on the 16th floor of Suseo headquarters, Nautilus Hyosung held a ceremony of the 26th anniversary with the participation of executives of Seoul-Incheon, chief officers, team managers, part managers, and award winners. On May 24, they held a unity event for each department such as mountain climbing and sports activities. The ceremony included the presentation of long service award, achievement award and corporate motto award, after which there was a simple tea time in which participants celebrated our company’s 26th birthday. The foundation day of Nautilus Hyosung is May 26, which was a Sunday this year; thus, the event was held on a weekday.


‹‹ Independent ›


  Nautilus Hyosung Celebrates Foundation Day and Holds Department Unity Events

 The Class Hyosung, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, held My First Mercedes-Benz Promotion of May’, providing a dream opportunity to drive ‘My First Mercedes-Benz’ in May, a family month full of love.


 The Class Hyosung’s My First Mercedes-Benz Promotion of May’ includes the following events: 1) offering Mercedes-Benz tumblers for customers participating in the test drive campaign of B-Class and C-Class, giving SK-II Boutique Spa tickets to all buyers and AMOREPACIFIC sun care sets to the first 100 buyers, and providing fuel expenses to C-Class buyers (fuel expenses and insurance costs for C-Coupe); 2) offering free lifetime services of consumables or fuel expenses for buyers of all types of E-Class in May, and providing Michelin tire coupons to the first 200 buyers of certain types of cars (E300 Elegance, E300 Avantgarde); 3) extending the integrated service package (regular inspection, exchange of consumables and general repair) to 5 years for S-Class customers. Moreover, for premium finance programs of The Class Hyosung, the customers could choose from three benefits: 36-month interest-free installment for all types of E-Class, S-Class and C-Class, acquisition tax support, or vehicle price (10.5%, operating lease) support. There was also a 36-month interest-free installment program for B-Class, or installment with grace period with monthly payments.

 Toyota Launches ‘New Generation RAV4’ in Korea

 On May 13, Toyota announced the release of the ‘New Generation RAV4’, the 4th-generation full change model of RAV4 displayed in Seoul Motor Show. The new model will go on full-fledged sale on June 1. The model, first released when the Toyota brand was launched in Korea in 2009, is completely transformed after three years. The innovative design, improved performance and convenience specifications, and competitive price of the ‘New Generation RAV4’ are expected to bring upheavals to the domestic SUV market.


The design concept of crossover SUVs that is popular throughout the industry derived from RAV4. RAV4 is the original crossover SUV that broke the stereotype of ‘SUV=Only on Off Road’ with the world’s first monocoque (solid without separate frame) body type. Since its release in 1994, the accumulated global sales of the model exceeded 4 million units as of last year. The ‘New Generation RAV4’ released in Korea have two models, 2WD and 4WD, with the top-quality specification ‘Limited’ among the three trims (LE, XLE, and Limited) of the New Generation RAV4. All units are produced in Japan and imported to Korea. The ‘New Generation RAV4’ applied the ‘High Quality and Low Cost’ philosophy of Toyota price policy, developing good products and providing them at competitive price. Thus, the price of 4WD is set as KRW 37.9 million, and 2WD as KRW 32.4 million. (Consultations/Test Drive Inquiries: Hyosung Toyota 02-520-5500)


Social Contribution News

 Ulsan Plant Red Cross Service Association Carries Out Volunteer Activities of ‘House Repair of Love’ and ‘Solmaru-gil Cleanup’


 On May 11, the Ulsan Plant Red Cross Service Association carried out volunteer activities of House Repair of Love and Solmaru-gil environmental cleanup. To improve the living environment of senior citizens who live alone in Yaeum-dong, the Red Cross Service Association carried out various activities such as putting up new wallpaper, painting walls, and replacing worn-out electric installations. They also conducted environmental cleanup activities around the mountaineering trail to keep Solmanru-gil clean. The Ulsan Plant shares warm love to achieve win-win growth with the local community by carrying out various volunteer works such as the Red Cross Service Association activities, One-Company-Two-Schools, One-Company-One-Village, One-Company-One-River, and One-Company-One-Section activities. The Ulsan Plant will continue to promote house repair activities and lunch-sharing event with social welfare centers.

Changwon Plant Volunteer Club ‘The Wings’ Throws ‘Naedong Senior Citizen Centers Party’


 On May 4, the Changwon Plant Volunteer Club ‘The Wings’ (Nalgaehoe) threw the Naedong Senior Citizen Centers Party,’ which is a regular event. The club members visited four senior citizen centers in Naedong near the Changwon Plant and provided food and gifts. They also gave massages to the elders and chatted with them. “You can’t imagine how grateful we are for your visit. We wish for Hyosung’s further development and prosperity,” said the elders, giving words of blessing. The Wings club throws parties for the local senior citizens every Parents’ Day, to deliver Korea’s beautiful virtue of respecting and honoring the elders.

 Eonyang Plant Holds ‘One-Company-One-School Sisterhood Affiliation Ceremony’

 On April 29, the Eonyang Plant held the One-Company-One-School Sisterhood Affiliation Ceremony’ with Eonyang Banchon Elementary School as part of the community contribution activity of One-Company-One-School. The ceremony was held in the principal’s office of Banchon Elementary School, attended by Senior Vice-President and Strategic Planning executive Kim In-han of the Eonyang Plant, Management Team Manager Bae Jin-han and relative personnel, principal and vice-principal of Banchon Elementary School, Head of Eonyang-eup, and management executive of the general alumni association. The Eonyang Plant will offer volunteer services for children of the community by supporting various events and environmental cleanup of the sister school, Banchon Elementary School. In addition, the Eonyang Plant is actively participating in One-Company-One-River cleanup activities, matching grant, and facility volunteer work.

 Anyang Office Cleans Hogye Neighborhood Parks


 On April 23, the Anyang Office conducted cleaning activities at Hogye Neighborhood Parks as part of social contribution activities. For about an hour, over 20 employees from the Anyang Office cleaned up the trail from the main gate of the Anyang Plant to Hogye Neighborhood Parks past Hogye Gymnasium. The Anyang Office carries out cleaning activities near the plant at least once a month.

 Gumi Plant Carries Out ‘Side-Dish Cooking Volunteer Activity’


 On May 2, the Gumi Plant Spandex PU employees carried out the Side-Dish Cooking Volunteer Activity’ in the cafeteria of Gumi General Social Welfare Center. The Gumi Plant has been carrying out continuous volunteer activities every 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month since April to help maintain the basic livelihood of the elders and the disabled in danger of starvation due to daily life disabilities and financial difficulties.

Gumi Plant Sponsors ‘RCY Joining and Oath-Taking Ceremony and School Violence Prevention Rally’ and Receives Appreciation Plaque

 The Gumi Plant provided snacks of bread and beverages for over 900 students who attended the 2013 Red Cross Youth (RCY) Gumi District Joining and Oath-Taking Ceremony held on May 11. Since setting up a One-Company-One-School sisterhood relationship with Dosong Middle School, the Gumi Plant as constantly sponsored the event from 2010 until today. This year’s event included the ‘School Violence Prevention Rally.’ Acknowledged for its contribution to each year’s event, the Gumi Plant received an appreciation plaque this year from the Korean Red Cross Gyeongbuk branch (president Shin Gi-ok)

 Gumi Plant carries out 'One-Company-One-Village partner Saenamgol Village helping for seedbed work' activity

 Upon entering the busy farming season, the Gumi Plant visited the One-Company-One-Village partner Saenamgol Village on May 4 to help with sowing seeds in seedbeds. The Gumi Plant has set up a sisterhood relationship with Saenamgol Village since November 2007, and is carrying out various activities such as providing help during the busy farming season and purchasing white lotus products (soft soaps and lotus leaf tea).

 Packaging PU Gwanghyewon Plant  gives


 On May 10, the Packaging PU Gwanghyewon Plant carried out social contribution and sharing activities for the community at the 23rd Elderly Comfort Festival and Party’ hosted by Tochinhoe of Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk and officially sponsored by Gwanghyewon-myeon Office and Gwanghyewon-myeon Enterprise Foundation. In addition, the Gwanghyewon Plant uses the matching grant system of employees every year to act as a missionary of love by sending newspapers to elementary schools in nearby villages and supporting senior citizens living alone.

 Yongyeon Plant Carries Out One-Company-One-Village Activities

The Yongyeon Plant has set up a sisterhood relationship with Cheongsong Village in Yul-ri, Cheongnyang-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan and is carrying out One-Company-One-Village activities. The Yongyeon Plant provided small snacks including rice cakes and boiled meat to the party held in Cheongsong Village on May 7 in honor of the elderly. In return, Cheongsong Village Women’s Association sent water dropwort produced by the village to Hyosung to express gratitude in for sharing with the community. The Yongyeon Plant employees could enjoy the fresh water dropwort during lunch and dinner. The Yongyeon Plant is expected to make continuous efforts to maintain good partnership with Cheongsong Village.

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