An Armful of Happiness, Family Day

2013. 5. 10. 09:04

Dad’s Surprise Event, Finding Ji-min’s Dream

I have always been interested in finding my dearest daughter Ji-min’s dream. Finally, I had the opportunity to fulfill my wish. On a warm breezy Saturday afternoon, I visited ‘Korea Job World’ that offers various work experiences with my wife, Ji-min, and our unborn second child Bok-man (birth name) still inside my wife. It was a day I will never forget: Ji-min’s dream grew an inch, and me and my wife’s happiness was fulfilled.

‘Korea Job World’, the Place I Wanted to Go With Ji-min

A year ago, I visited a work experience center in Jamsil, holding the hand of a physically challenged child of Seoul Jeongmun School. With that as a momentum, I have always thought about taking Ji-min to such place if she gets a little older. Just at the right time, I heard that Hyosung employees are provided with an opportunity to visit ‘Korea Job World’. Hoping to go with Ji-min, I immediately applied for it and was selected. So the whole family looked forward to it.

Since its opening in last May, ‘Korea Job World’ is visited by many people, because it provides opportunities for children and adolescents to explore different jobs and helps them choose their career path and occupation. Children can enjoy seeing and experiencing fun things at the same time in various spaces such as Career Design Center, Children’s Experience Center, Adolescents’ Experience Center, and Occupational World Center. It is also beneficial because children can experience the occupations of their interest in advance. Ji-min also went to explore various jobs for the first time among older kids, visiting experience spaces such as the fire station, police station, performing arts school, and fashion show.

Ji-min, Busy Extinguishing Fire and Controlling Traffic

Ji-min had visited a police station a few days before. Perhaps that was why she was excited about the red fire engine parked in front of her first experience spot, the fire station. Prior to the actual experience, she put on the firefighter’s clothes and received training. Later a fire was reported, so everyone got on the fire engine and went to the scene, where they quickly extinguished the fire and saved the animals in the building. Ji-min joined the other children in putting out the fire by dousing the burning building with water, and saved the puppy by brining it out of the building in her arms. She fully engaged herself in all activities with an attitude so serious that she could be a child model of a firefighter.

▲ The family of Deputy Section Chief Kim Young-joo of Industrial Machinery PU Industrial Facility Sales Team, pleased to see Ji-min experiencing various jobs. Kim and his wife beamed as they saw Ji-min as a firefighter, policewoman, and model. ▲ The family of Deputy Section Chief Kim Young-joo of Industrial Machinery PU Industrial Facility Sales Team, pleased to see Ji-min experiencing various jobs. Kim and his wife beamed as they saw Ji-min as a firefighter, policewoman, and model.

1Ji-min concentrated on everything with her eyes sparkling with interest as she rode the red fire engine to the scene of fire. 2 Ji-min transformed into a decent policewoman in a police uniform 3 Mom and Dad waving and cheering for Ji-min as a model wearing the Snow White’s dress.

Next she visited the police station. She seemed quite like a policewoman in a police uniform and cap. There were constant compliments from people around her, saying, “What a pretty police officer!” As her dad, I was flattered. She was quite skilled in using the nightstick in her hand. She directed traffic on the street by moving it up and down or from side to side.

Giving the Gift of Joy to the Child and Pride to the Parents

Ji-min, who loves to sing and dance, selected her next destination for experience: the performing arts school. She put on a pretty dress and went on a car parade around the Children’s Experience Center. She gave a great performance of a dance she had learned in advance. She was into all activities, as this was something she liked the most. My wife and I thought that she could even become a musical actress in the future. We also stopped by the broadcasting station, where she sat at an announcer’s desk and took a photo with me. In the stage for fashion show, she became a model and did a fashion show. She was excited about seeing the image of herself walking down the runway on a screen. As she watched herself walking, she was quite serious yet a little shy. Back at home, whenever she had put on clothes, she had run over to me and asked, “Is Ji-min pretty?” or made adorable expressions in the mirror. However, now that she was actually onstage, her lips curled in confusion as she glanced at me and my wife. We thought she was adorable, so we cheered and clapped for her.

Finally, Ji-min experienced milking a cow. Actually, what came out was water instead of milk; but she was amazed when my wife explained, “this is how we get the milk that you drink, Ji-min.” So she pestered her mom to try a few more times.

Adding Hope to My Child’s Future

I hope Ji-min and my unborn second child find their dreams. Many children, even after they grow up, wander around as they could not find their dreams, forced to accept the futures recommended by others. So the day in ‘Korea Job World’ was really special. Ji-min could not find a job that is just right for her because she is only four; but just experiencing the world of jobs was enough, because she showed interest in the experience. On our way home, she looked up at me and my wife and asked, “Are we going to come back again?” I think today will serve as a momentum for Ji-min to find a job that will make her heart race.


The Memory Album of Kim Young-joo’s Family

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