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2013. 5. 10. 09:00

Hyosung Donated Support Fund for Disabled Children and Adolescents from Low-Income Group

Hyosung R&C Center Held ‘GWP Leader Workshop’

On April 10, Hyosung R&C Center held the ‘GWP Leader Workshop’ with 41 executives, team managers and deputy team managers. The event began with the ‘GWP Special Lecture’ (Deputy Department Head Kim Yeon-ho of Corporate Culture Team), learning about the concept of GWP and roles of leaders for its successful settlement. It was followed by group discussions divided into 6 groups, through which various ideas were produced such as team manager gatherings and celebrate anniversaries within the team (such as promotion or birthday). Hyosung R&C Center will finalize the GWP enforcement plans and implement them based on the outcome of the ‘GWP Leader Workshop’ as well as the outcome of team workshops the R&C Center that began from April 16.

Hyosung R&C Center Participated in ‘2013 Annual Spring Meeting of the Polymer Society of Korea’

Hyosung R&C Center set up a publicity booth for recruitment in ‘2013 Annual Spring Meeting of the Polymer Society of Korea’, which was held in Daejeon DCC from April 11 to 12. About 40 companies participated in ‘2013 Annual Spring Meeting of the Polymer Society of Korea’, having recruitment consultations with 130 or so students in master’s and doctorate program specializing in polymer/materials. Hyosung R&C Center introduced the global top products spandex and tire cord, as well as state-of-the-art materials developed as a future growth engine such as TAC film, and core technologies such as carbon fiber. They also received a great deal of attention and response from students by introducing the GWP programs such as Family Day and healthcare programs.

Anyang Plant Held ‘34th Azalea Hill Opening Event’

On April 13, Anyang Plant held the ‘34th Azalea Hill Opening Event’, opening the azalea hill and grass field in the plant for Hyosung employees and local residents. In the opening event this year, Anyang Plant provided tea for approximately 4,500 visitors. Employees and Anyang citizens, out on a spring picnic in family units, had a great time taking pictures with flowers in full bloom in the background and eating packed lunches.

Hyosung R&C Center Held GWP Agent Appointment Certificate Presentation Ceremony & GWP Special Lecture

On April 1, Hyosung R&C Center held the GWP Agent appointment certificate presentation ceremony in the general meeting participated by all researchers, and shared the schedule for future GWP plans. Also, Vice-President Jang Hyoung-ok (in charge of Personnel Affairs and Head of the Center) personally gave a lecture on the 7 factors of topmost companies and GWP, emphasizing GWP activities. Currently, Hyosung R&C Center is inviting participation for the GWP slogan contest in the Center.

Anyang Plant Carried Out Anyang Stream Environmental Cleanup

On March 27, Anyang Plant carried out Anyang Stream environmental cleanup as part of the division’s 1-Company 1-Stream activity and participation of the national cleanliness campaign. Over 50 Anyang Plant employees participated in the activity, cleaning up from the back gate of Anyang Plant to the skirts of the stream near Hoangyo (bridge) of Anyang Stream.

Hyosung R&C Center Provides ‘2013 2nd Design of Experiments (DOE) Education’

Hyosung R&C Center is providing Design of Experiments (DOE) education as the required education for all researchers. DOE is an education predicting the optimized experiment results from the minimum experimental data using the statistics program Minitab. Following the 1st DOE education held in February, the Center carried out the ‘2013 2nd DOE Education’ for 6 days from April 1 to 4 (Session 1), and April 10 to 11 (Session 2). Session 1, basic education, consisted of theory and practice such as basic statistics/analysis and DOE with the topic of ‘factorial design and partial factorial experiment’. Session 2, intensive education, consisted of the practice of applying to actual experimental conditions with the topic of ‘response surface experiment and mixture experiment’. 33 researchers in various levels participated in the education, from staff to department heads and deputy department heads, learning the theory and practice of DEO.

Hyosung R&C Center & Hyosung EBARA Engineering Participated in ‘2013 WATER KOREA’

Hyosung R&C Center and Hyosung EBARA Engineering participated in ‘2013 WATER KOREA’ held in Daegu EXCO from March 19 to 22, exhibiting hollow fiber modules that form the core material of the water treatment process and water treatment systems. In this exhibition, they displayed innovative hollow fiber modules, systems and operating technology with enhanced economic feasibility in the filtering process. This technology can significantly lower the initial investment costs and operation energy by improving throughput by 50% and reducing energy by over 40%. It received a great deal of attention and response from local governments, water industry related associations, academia as well as officials of related domestic and global industries.

textile PG

Nam Doo-hee of Technology Development Team Received Gumi Mayor’s Award

On March 28, Nam Doo-hee of Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Technology Development Team received the Gumi Mayor’s Award in the ‘40th Commerce and Industry Day and March Thursday Breakfast’. Nam received the award for contributing to the improvement of production index and efficient consumer response as the person in charge of Gumi Plant production index management, lot management and issuance of customer quality standard document. Over 200 people including the Gumi Mayor, heads of institutions in Gumi and entrepreneurs participated in this awards ceremony, which also included local economy trend reports, recommendations and responses.

Spandex PU Held ‘Creora Client Seminar’ in Poland and Germany

Spandex PU held the ‘Creora Client Seminar’ in Poland (April 8) and Germany (April 10). In this seminar, Spandex PU introduced our company, Creora and differentiated products, and clients showed interest in quality related details and Creora Direction. This event raised awareness of our company and gave the impression of a provider emphasizing R&D.

Gumi Plant Carried Out Volunteer Work

With the spring coming up, Gumi Plant carried out volunteer work with Gumi Community Welfare Center. This activity was led by the vice-plant manager of Gumi Plant Spandex PU and executives. They carried out environmental cleanup in the Hwangsang Jugong Apartment complex in which vulnerable social groups of the area are gathered. They also visited and cleaned the houses of senior citizens who live alone and the disabled who have a hard time moving. Starting from April, they will visit the elderly and the disabled likely to starve due to daily life activity disorder and financial difficulties, and help them maintain healthy basic life. They will cooperate with Gumi Community Welfare Center to carry out ‘Side Dish Cooking Volunteer Work’ every first, third and fifth Wednesdays.

Gumi Plant Carried Out Volunteer Work

In the afternoon of April 3, Gumi Plant carried out Side Dish Cooking Volunteer Work in cooperation with Gumi Community Welfare Center. This activity was led by Gumi Plant’s Human Resources Team, Safety & Environment Team, ECMD chef and manager. Gumi Plant is planning to continue volunteer work every first, third and fifth Wednesdays taking turns among the three PUs of Gumi Plant, in order to help the elderly and the disabled likely to starve due to daily life activity disorder and financial difficulties so that they can maintain basic living.

industrial materials PG

Industrial Materials PG Carbon Fiber Business Division Launches Carbon Fiber Brand TANSOME

GST Participated in the World’s Biggest Industrial Fair ‘Hannover Messe 2013’

Global Safety Textiles (GST), the world’s biggest airbag material manufacturer that joined the Industrial Materials PG in 2011, participated in the ‘Hannover Messe 2013’ held for five days from April 8 to 12 in Hannover, Germany. GST participated in the research technology sector among 11 exhibitions such as energy, wind power, industrial automation, research technology and others. They showed their industrial fabrics and jacquard weaving process, and discovered customer needs by meeting with various related businesses. Over 6,500 companies worldwide and 200 thousand people participated in the ‘Hannover Messe 2013’, which is the world’s biggest industrial fair. This year they focused on the trends of the global manufacturing industry and future technologies with the major theme of ‘Integrated Industry’.

Ulsan Plant Held Industry-Academic Cooperation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

On March 29, Ulsan Plant presented scholarship to Ulsan University students Jang Woo-sung and Lee Jong-woo. Ulsan Plant has been helping students who get excellent grades but have financial difficulties to concentrate on their studies, and supporting a certain amount scholarship every year to promote the development of talented individuals in the community. Jang Woo-sung and Lee Jong-woo, the beneficiaries of this industry-academic cooperation scholarship, spoke of their aspirations to become a pillar of future industry by striving to study their specialties of electrical and electronics engineering and chemical engineering.

chemicals PG

Yongyeon Plant Held ‘Labor-Management Committee Workshop’

Yongyeon Plant held the ‘Labor-Management Committee Workshop’ from April 8 to 9. 4 Hanmaeum Council members of PP/DH PU, 4 Hannuri Council members of Neochem PU, and 4 Administration Team Manager and members participated in this workshop. The workshop consisted of discussions to settle mutual trust and win-win labor-management culture and a time to harmonize to resolve conflicts within the organization. One participant stated that this workshop enabled the labor-management committee to communicate with and understand each other by sharing difficulties and problems. The second workshop is scheduled to be held from April 22 to 23 with members of the labor-management committee of TPA PU, Optical Film PU and Film PU. The Administration Team of Yongyeon Plant will continue to develop workshop programs to build a great labor-management partnership based on the opinions of the participants in this workshop.

Yongyeon Plant Carried Out Soup Kitchen Volunteer Work

Yongyeon Plant is carrying out volunteer activities in cooperation with Ulsan Namgu Community Welfare Center: bathing disabled people once a month, and providing a soup kitchen for the elders once a month. On April 20 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, 11 employees participated in the soup kitchen volunteering. The volunteers carried out various activities including cleaning and preparing food.

power and industrial systems PG

Changwon Plant Sponsored ‘Opera Gala Concert with Commentary with Hyosung’

This year Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘Opera Gala Concert with Commentary with Hyosung’ by the Gyeongnam Opera held on April 12 in the main theater of Sungsan Art Hall, as the only company this year just has it had been in the previous year as well. The ‘Opera Gala Concert with Commentary with Hyosung’ is a performance focusing on a scene from an opera with interesting commentaries. It helps the audience, who usually cannot see many operas, enjoy the opera familiarly and easily. This year, the concert consists of famous scenes of <Aida> and <La Traviata>, representative works of Verdi, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of his birth. By sponsoring the concert, Changwon Plant received some invitation tickets, which were provided to the employees to enjoy a special cultural activity. Changwon Plant will continue to maintain good relationship with the Gyeongnam Opera and consider supporting the ‘Opera Gala Concert with Commentary with Hyosung’ consistently.

Deputy Section Chief Ha Man-jun of Circuit Breaker Design Team in Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Selected as IEC YP Next-Generation Leader

Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) is carrying out an international standardization support project for our technology to dominate the global market and promote expansion. As part of the project, they select and support the next-generation leader of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electro-technical Commission). IEC YP is a program selecting two young talented individuals in the electric/electronic field of each member country every year to develop future IEC Standardization experts. Deputy Section Chief Ha Man-jun of Circuit Breaker Design Team in Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center will participate in the ‘IEC YP Workshop’ held with the 2013 IEC General Assembly as a Korean representative to experience standardization activities and share his views on standardization with other YPs from all over the world.

Industrial Machinery PU Held ‘IECEx Service Facility Certification Ceremony’

On March 26, Industrial Machinery PU held the ‘IECEx Service Facility Certification Ceremony’. IECEx Service Facility is a global certification that provides evaluation and certification services for organizations that conduct repair and maintenance of explosion proof electrical equipment installed and used in an environment of potential explosiveness (danger area). Korea Gas Safety Corporation is Asia’s first officially authorized IECEx Service Facility. Industrial Machinery PU, as the first East Asian company to acquire this certification, proved its repair and maintenance system of explosion proof electrical equipment and on-site technical skills. Executive Vice President Shim Sang-sik (Industrial Machinery PU Plant Manager) stated his plans to “further expand markets to hold the place in the global explosion proof maintenance industry with this certification as a stepping stone.”

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Holds ‘Dongshim (Harmony) Athletic Meet’

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center is holding the ‘Dongshim (Harmony) Athletic Meet’ during the lunch hour to enhance unity and trust among team members and create energetic work environment. ‘Dongshim (Harmony)’ means to unite and become one, and it is promoted as part of the GWP activities to achieve unity of the employees. This meet’s event is 4:4 foot volleyball, and it will be carried out from April 8 to May 16 with the participation of all employees in Anyang. Starting with the qualifiers last week, the competition is in full swing; and it is receiving a great deal of attention as employees visit the stadium and cheer. Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center is planning to hold ‘Dongshim (Harmony) Athletic Meet’ in other events as well in the future. This will be the greatest driving force for Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center to build the GWP.

Changwon Plant Held ‘Mentoring Empowerment Education for Team Managers’

Changwon Plant held the ‘Mentoring Empowerment Education for Team Managers’ in Changwon Moonsung University to improve organization management skills of team managers. The first session was held on April 5, and the second session on April 19. Team managers of Changwon Plant explored their leadership types and shared plans to improve their abilities in demonstrate leadership more effectively. Moreover, they learned effective mentoring methods according to different types of team members, and learned mutual interaction methods in interviews, attitude improvement and balancing acts through case studies and role play. 

Changwon Plant Held ‘Organization Management Capacity Improvement Education for Foremen’

From April 18 to 19, Changwon Plant held the ‘Organization Management Capacity Improvement Education for Foremen’ in Changwon Football Center for Changwon Plant foremen to build trust with team members and enhance executive ability for organization management as field managers. It was divided into two sessions for 85 foremen in the whole Changwon Plant. The participants analyzed the cases of other companies and shared the images of team members if they have increased sense of belonging, unity and confidence. They explored their roles as managers to materialize such ideal images. 

Changwon Plant Held ‘Helping Out in Farming Season’ Event in Shinchang Village in Haman-gun

On April 26, 45 employees of Changwon Plant held the ‘Helping Out in Farming Season’ event in Shinchang Village, the partner village of the One-Company One-Village campaign, located in Haman-gun. Employees of 4 groups (Power Transformer Shell-Type Coil Group, Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Team 1 GCB Group, General Assembly Group, and Development Group) participated in this event, and they all prepared seedbeds for rice planting in May, working with sweat running down in beads. As a token of appreciation for the participants who shared the meaningful activity with their coworkers, Changwon Plant presented them with watermelons, the specialty of Shinchang Village.

trading pg

Trading PG Carried Out Changdeokgung (Palace) Cultural Heritage Protection Activities

On April 13, Trading PG employees carried out Changdeokgung (Palace) cultural heritage protection activities. The participants gathered early in the morning on Saturday to remove the dust collected on the window frames. It was exhausting yet rewarding, and they were proud to see Changdeokgung (Palace) was becoming cleaner. All PGs and divisions are taking turns to regularly carry out Changdeokgung (Palace) cultural heritage protection activities every month, with the exception of summer and winter season.

construction pg

Construction PU Held ‘Management Innovation Workshop’

From March 29 to 30, Construction PU held the ‘Management Innovation Workshop’. Over 130 employees, including all employees of the headquarters and some from the fields, participated in this workshop, which was held in Daewoong Management Development Institute located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. In the workshop, participants were divided into teams to present 2013 strategies, tasks, enforcement plans and GWP suggestions, and consolidated unity among employees.

information and communication

Hyosung Capital Held ‘2013 First-Quarter Town Hall Meeting’

On April 9, Hyosung Capital held the ‘2013 First-Quarter Town Hall Meeting’ in the 2nd floor auditorium of the Banpo Office. PU Head Kim Yong-deok encouraged all employees to move forward in one direction to achieve their goal by inspecting and sharing future plans in the last year’s and this year’s first-quarter performance review. Also, he requested in the new IT system status report that all employees ‘cooperate in operation to optimize the next-generation system’. There was also a session to congratulate and compliment the winners of last year’s Hyosung Capital Employee Award and 23 subjects of this term’s regular promotion. He asked them to develop with the company. In the GWP Agent Appointment Ceremony, he emphasized that they should make Hyosung Capital PU the greatest workplace in the world and a fun company to work in.

Indonesia’s BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) Visited Nautilus Hyosung

From April 15 to17, there was a visiting tour of Indonesia’s Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) in Nautilus Hyosung. BRI, one of the top to Indonesian state banks, visited the headquarters and Gumi Plant to listen to the introduction of 2013 Hyosung Visions and strategic products, and also participated in a tour of the research center and the plant. Also, they discussed the future direction for cooperation of the two companies. This visit is expected to lead to a positive business partnership between our company and BRI.

Nautilus Hyosung Held ‘GWP Special Lecture’

On April 17, Nautilus Hyosung held the ‘GWP Special Lecture’ in Global Training Center on the 16th floor of the headquarters. Executives, team managers and part heads participated in the lecture. The special lecture was given by a business administration doctor Choi Jae-yoon from Cross Management Institute, with the topic of ‘The Leader’s Role to Create a GWP’. “To make a GWP, leaders must change first; and you must make an organization that communicates by practicing respect and consideration,” he stressed. Through the ‘GWP Special Lecture,’ the participants resolved to make a GWP successfully.


The Class Hyosung Held ‘Fruitful Festival of April’`

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