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2013.04.11 18:47

hyosung news

What happens in Hyosung at March? Let's find out. 

the resolution to create a gwp

the engineer of the month award

On March 6, the awards ceremony of ‘The Engineer of the Month’ was held in Seoul Plaza Hotel. Deputy Dept. Head Kim Moo-song of Hyosung R&C Center attended the ceremony as the winner for large conglomerate division of April. Deputy Dept. Head Kim Moo-song is an engineer who concentrated on developing materials in fiber polymer industry, acknowledge for his contribution to the development of national fiber polymer industry by developing polyester differentiation polymerized compound continuous polymerization technology and innovatively improving the quality of special nylon polymerized compound using bonding, in order to meet the demands for high function and high quality of textile products. The winner received the Minister’s Award by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology as well as a cash prize of KRW 5 million.

holding gwp agent workshop

opinion leader meeting team

Starting from the Kick Off Meeting on March 7, Hyosung R&C Center has begun the R&C Center ‘Opinion Leader Meeting’ (OLM) Term 2. OLM is a communication organization within the R&C Center made up of middle managers (deputy section chief of 1 year ~ section chief of 3 years) leading change and innovation, and the goals are ① to play the role of a bridge collecting and delivering employees’ opinions, and ② to deduct ideas to actualize change and innovation of the R&C Center such as organizational culture, system improvement, and work efficiency increase. OLM Term 1 mostly focused on improving work environment and welfare such as establishing an employee lounge and placing first-aid kits in major working areas; Term 2 will focus on discussing ways to improve organizational culture and working methods.

yale university mba

hyosung R&C center

textile PG

win win exhibition

nylon polyester yarn PU

Nylon Polyester Yarn PU carried out the sales performance evaluation of local employees and sojourning employees in overseas branches and divisions for the past year. The PU selected and awarded the Excellent Local Employees who contributed to PU profits with sales expansion activities, giving a sense of achievement to the winners and motivating other employees. Senior Manager Park Hyoung-seok of Germany Frankfurt branch and Laura Porta of Spain Barcelonal branch were selected as the Excellent Local Employees of the Year, and PU Head Cho Bong-gyu personally gave the award during Park’s business trip to Korea. Erdinc Yalsin of Turkey Istanbul who contributed to the PU development by working for 10 years also enjoyed the glory of being selected as an Excellent Local Employee of the PU. Excellent Local Employee Award will continue to be awarded in the future.

industrial materials PG

good partner of Kumho Tires

On March 15, Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU received the appreciation plaque in the win-win management agreement and good partner reward ceremony held in Gwangju Plant of Kumho Tires. Over 140 people participated in the event, including Kumho Tires executives, partner representatives, and employees. They held a ceremony of agreement for win-win management with 89 major partners. Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU attained the honor of being selected as a good partner in 2013, as did in 2008 and 2012. The two companies agreed to closely cooperate to secure Kumho Tires’ quality competitiveness and improve Hyosung’s technical skills.

hankook tire new employees

On March 12, 41 new employees of our client company Hankook Tire visited Ulsan and Eonyang Plants. This visit is to help the new employees in manufacturing technology and quality better understand the tire manufacturing process. They visited Eonyang Plant and had a tour of the plant, then watched the tire cord process and received education in Ulsan Plant.

Jeonju plant

On February 25, Jeonju Plant acquired ISO Quality and Environment Certification of Korea Foundation for Quality. Carbon Fiber Division conducted necessary activities to acquire ISO certification from last May to this January, in order to achieve manufacturing management of carbon fiber and meet the client demands of quality and environment. As a result, they passed the ISO screening and inspection of Korea Foundation for Quality, acquiring certifications of KS Q ISO 9001:2009 /ISO 9001:2008, KS I ISO 14001:2009 / ISO 14401:2004.

chemicals PG

Packaging PU

Hyosung Gwangheawon Plant produced 6 new products of 4 companies including coffees. Binggrae launched 2 types of single origin black coffee ‘A Café La D.Black’. Unlike blend coffee in which coffee beans from various origins are mixed and roasted together, single origin coffee uses a single kind of coffee beans to create the unique rich flavor of the place of origin.

Coca Cola launched ‘Mate Tea of the Sun’, turning mate into tea that controls appetite and breaks down fats. It has already been selected as one of the top 10 hit products in 2012, and is attracting attention in Korea after its release in 2013. ‘Mate Tea of the Sun’ can be easily enjoyed by people who are looking for the unique flavor and scent of mate. 

Etude, a subsidiary of Korea’s top cosmetics company AMOREPACIFIC, launched a collagen drink ‘Pink Pong’. It will be used for sales and promotion in over 500 Etude stores. It is the first drink of a cosmetics company manufactured by Hyosung Packaging PU. With the participation of Korea’s top cosmetics company in the beverage market, we expect the release of Hyosung Asepsys new products by other companies.

Purmil cooperated with Café Bene and launched 2 types of ‘Café Bene’ PET coffees. The PET coffees are in two flavors, café latte and caramel macchiato, which harmonized Café Bene’s premium blending coffee extract with fresh milk.

kim jin wook

On March 22, Team Leader Kim Jin-wook of Yongyeon Plant Management Division received Ulsan Mayor citation in the ceremony of ‘7th Ulsan Chemistry Day’, in which 200 people including Ulsan Mayor Park Maeng-woo, entrepreneurs, and society members participated. Kim formed healthy labor-management culture by establishing corporate culture focusing on trust and communication, and was acknowledged for his contribution to fulfilling social responsibility for the community with social contribution activities.

power & industrial systems PG

hyosung technology innovation forum

On February 21, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center held ‘2013 1st Hyosung Technology Innovation Forum’ in Changwon Plant. The topic of this event was ‘Generic Technology and Innovation Technology to Secure T&D Topmost Competitiveness’. 30 people from the company participated, including Power & Industrial Systems PU executives, team leaders and TL (Technology Leaders) such as General Plant Manager Kim Deok-soo, Vice-President Lee Min-jae, Executive Vice President Park Seung-ryong, Senior Vice President Park Gun-tae, Senior Vice President Lee Geun-ho; from the outside, 10 technical advisers such as Professor Han Min-goo of Seoul National University and 4 invited lectures participated. Also, there were presentations such as transformer low-noise technology (Professor Han Sung-jin of Dong-A University), circuit breaker analysis technology (Doctor Kim Hong-gyu of KERI), high-voltage insulating material (Professor Yim Gi-jo of Chungbuk National University), power device prevention diagnosis technology I (senior manager Kim Byoung-heon of KEPCO), and power device prevention diagnosis technology II (Professor Gil Gyoung-seok of Korea Maritime University. This event is expected to recruit customized competent individuals, secure difficulty technologies and prior technologies by collaborating with excellent university research centers, and increase preference for outstanding manpower to enter our company.

sunlight generation plant

no injury campaign

From March 19 to 22, Changwon Plant held ‘2013 No Injury Campaign Declaration Ceremony’ in each division. To turn into a safe and happy workplace without accidents, Changwon Plant prepares improvement plans to follow the 2013 environmental safety regulations and focuses on promoting ‘No Injury Campaign’.

In the declaration ceremony participated by all members of the manufacturing department of each division, the relevant executive requested an instillation of safety consciousness through words of greeting; and the representatives of safety management supervision and of workers recited the no injury campaign resolution to ‘practice safety and create a healthy workplace’. It was followed by education on no injury campaign and environmental safety regulations, hosted by Safety Healthcare & Environment Team. The main purpose of improving the environmental safety regulations is to reinforce the major reward program to attract employees’ voluntary participation and to establish prevention-centered process. Changwon Plant will add this content to the existing awards of environmental safety excellence group, environmental safety excellence department, and potential risk excellence proposer. It carries out no injury campaign rewards such as incentives to the group that achieved the goal of no injury, and also rewards to contributors in environmental safety guide and emergency measures.

safety health win-win cooperation program declaration celemony

On March 13, Changwon Plant held ‘Safety and Health Win-Win Cooperation Program Declaration Ceremony’, with the participation of representatives of 98 partners and Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency. “Changwon Plant will acquit social responsibility for safety and health, and work hard to improve the partners’ level of safety and health as well as management abilities. I hope the representatives of partners’ think of the employees as part of family, and create a workplace without safety accidents,” said General Plant Manager Kim Deok-soo. Changwon Plant discovers and improves dangerous process and potential risk factors of partners by focusing on systematic risk evaluation in 2013.

construction PG

Harrington place

trading PG

steel & metal products

For 2 days from March 15 to 16, Steel & Metal Products 1 PU held a workshop in Hanbada Training Center in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do. The theme of the workshop was ‘Wondering about Your Coworkers’, indicating that you can go faster when you are alone, but you can go further if you go together. There was a pep rally to accomplish 2013 business plans, and a presentation of survey results to practice GWP at the corporate level.

“While the existing CCTVs are used as follow-up measures after the crime actually takes place, the intelligent video surveillance system prevents accidents and supports rapid management of emergency control by analyzing behavior patterns of certain human figures, cars, and objects in advance based on intelligent algorithm. With Huawei’s matchless technology of high-speed network support such as LTE, WiFi and 3G along with live video surveillance, combined with Hyosung Information System’s systematic sales power, this will target the market in full-scale this year. In the meantime, we will work hard to diversify the overall solution portfolio by providing various solutions demanded by customers in the future,”  said Senior Vice President and Public Business Department Head Choi Yong-jin of Hyosung Information System.

information & communication PG

facebook channel

Hyosung Information System established the company’s official Facebook and YouTube channels to reinforce customer support and digital marketing activities through social network services. Hyosung Information System will use the SNS channels to share the latest information on storage industry, information on innovation data center building, and various IT related trends. Moreover, the channels will be used as the window for open communication with IT people in all walks of life. There was also an official Facebook opening promotion events from February 25 to March 22.

hyosung information system

Hyosung Information System participated in SECON Korea 2013 held in Ilsan KINTEX from March 6 to 8, introducing the latest video monitoring solution and the world’s first LTE camera. Also, they provided gifts for visitors who visit the exhibition booth during the event period and upload photos of the booth in Facebook.


fruitful spring service campaign

The Class Hyosung, which has worked hard to maximize customer satisfaction with differentiated services, held the ‘Fruitful Spring Service Campaign of March’. The Class Hyosung, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, offered the ‘Fruitful Spring Service Campaign of March’ to help reasonable maintenance with Mercedes-Benz as a diverse and fruitful service campaign for March when fresh spring begins.

‘The Class Hyosung Fruitful Spring Service Campaign of March’ will be offered from March 11 to April 6 with the following services: offering free inspection services for 24 items including engine oil, coolant, and washer liquid; giving free gifts for all incoming customers, and MB collection for each charged amount of repair; and offering 20% discount for exported tires.

The Class Hyosung also offered ‘Fruitful Package of March’ as a March sales promotion. ‘Fruitful Package of March’ includes the following services: offering free lifetime services of consumables for customers who purchased all types of E-Class in March, and offering The Class Hyosung’s Star Mobile Service and Michelin tire coupons to the first 150 customers who purchased certain types of cars (E200 CGI, E220 CDI, E300 Elegance); and providing Star Mobile Service and giving refueling gift cards worth KRW 1 million for all buyers of C-Class.

social contribution news

rice of love

Anyang stream environmental cleanup

On February 28, Anyang Division carried out Anyang Stream environmental cleanup. Over 40 employees of Anyang Division participated in this activity, cleaning up from the back gate of Anyang Plant to Anyang Stream Jeonpa Bridge and the skirts of the stream near Anyang Funeral Hall. Anyang Division is regularly carrying out environmental cleanups every month.

love blood donation

ulsan plant

Ulsan Plant is carrying out One-Company-Two-Schools activity with Ulsan Jangsangpo Elementary School and Okdong Elementary School, as part of social contribution activities such as providing buses for outdoor learning and cleaning up the schools. To express gratitude, children of Jangsangpo Elementary School sent letters. Ulsan Plant is planning to work harder to create a better educational environment.

Eonyang Plant

On March 7, Eonyang Plant carried out One-Company-One-River environmental cleanup on Taehwagang River. A total of 60 employees participated in this activity, including Eonyang Plant participants as well as employees from Clean Ulsan Bureau, Ulju County Office, and 10 companies of Korea Environmental Engineers Association in Ulsan Eonyang area. They collected garbage from the entrance of Eonyang Daeam Village to Eonyang Water Quality Improvement Office.

korea childhood leukemia foundation

On March 14, Eonyang Plant visited the Busan branch of Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation and donated a collection of KRW 24.17 million. This is a collection from the Matching Grant system, in which Plant Manager Yang In-tae and 152 employees collected money from each of their accounts, to which the same amount of donation is added by the company. The collection will be used to help two children with childhood cancer that belong to the Busan branch of Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Eonyang Plant has donated collections to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation for the past 4 years since 2010, and has carried out social contribution activities such as One-Company-One-Village Helping, One-Company-One-River Environmental Cleanup, supporting local sports events, and doing other volunteer activities.

red cross service

On March 16, 45 members of Ulsan Plant Red Cross Service Association visited Love Village, an institute for the disabled with severe cerebral palsy, located in Eonyang-eup Sangbuk-myeon. The volunteers cleaned up the facilities, repaired electric installations and shower stalls, disinfected playroom tools, and also delivered daily necessities. Ulsan Plant is sharing warm love with the community with Red Cross Service Association activities, One-Company-Two-Schools, One-Company-One-Village, One-Company-One-River, and One-Company-One-Section activities. It will continue to promote activities such as house repair for social consideration households, and lunch sharing with social welfare facilities.

Ceramic making picnic

On March 23, Hyosung Wing Association, the volunteer club of Changwon Plant, went on a picnic to Ungcheon Ceramic Kiln Site Museum located in Jinhae with the severely disabled people of Pullip Village. Hyosung Wing Association members were paired with the disabled people who have a hard time moving, doing all activities together. Hyosung Wing Association members and the disabled friends made ceramic frames, drove through the coast road, and enjoyed warm spring sunlight. Hyosung Wing Association will continue to carry out picnic programs for the disabled friends of Pullip Village to have many new experiences and make precious memories.




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