[HYOSUNG News] Hyosung Advanced Materials to Expand Its Plant to Produce Carbon Fiber, Key Element of Hydrogen Cars etc.

2019. 3. 22. 16:19

 Hyosung Advanced Materials to Expand Its Plant to Produce Carbon Fiber, Key Element of Hydrogen Cars

Hyosung Advanced Materials will expand its carbon fiber plant in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province to increase its annual production capacity to 4,000 tons by 2020. This expansion is to prepare for increasing demand for carbon fiber, which is a key material for reducing the weight of hydrogen cars that are emerging as a future eco-friendly vehicle. Carbon fiber is used to manufacture hydrogen fuel tanks and CNG high-pressure vessels, which are core components of hydrogen vehicles.

 Hyosung Holds Corporate Day in Hong Kong and Singapore

Hyosung Group held Corporate Day in Hong Kong and Singapore where officials met with investors for four days from February 11 to 14. The group has been stepping up its global expansion drive based on its technological competitiveness and explained such vision and management directions, garnering positive feedback from investors. Hyosung will continue to enhance its transparent management and global communication in an effort to raise shareholder value.

 Zambia Delegation Visits Anyang Plant

On January 30, a six-member delegation led by Isaac Kasaro, who is in charge of national events in Zambia’s presidential cabinet, visited the Anyang Plant. The purpose of the visit was to tour the manufacturing process and facility so as to confirm Hyosung’s excellent products before making future transactions with Hyosung. Anyang Plant Manager Ju Jeong-gwon and three plant sales associates gave a presentation on Hyosung and its products before the factory tour. The delegation head, Isaac Kasaro, said, “I was pleasantly surprised by Hyosung’s outstanding products as well as systematic and safe production facilities, and I also sincerely thank the employees for their kindness. I hope Zambia will build a great cooperative relationship with global group Hyosung.”

 Hyosung TNC Participates in 2020 S/S Première Vision Exhibition

Hyosung TNC took part in “Première Vision” held in Paris, France from February 12 to 14. The exhibition was divided into nine sections from yarn, fabric, and leather to textile design and manufacturing, encompassing all areas about fashion. Hyosung TNC received a lot of attention from customers by presenting various high-functional textiles with the main focus on activewear.

 To Mark 100th Anniversary of March 1st Movement, Some Sevit Displays LED Image of Korea’s National Flag

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Korea’s March 1st Independence Movement, Hyosung Group lighted up an LED image of Taegeukgi, the country’s national flag, from February 27 to March 1. The spirit of patriotic love for the nation has been deeply rooted in Hyosung’ company culture and expanded to various projects and programs. As part of such efforts, the group has continued a project to preserve independence fighter Kim Gu’s refuge site during Japanese colonial rule, Nara Sarang Bogeumjari (House for Veterans), 1 Company 1 Grave which is employees’ cleaning activities at a nearby graveyard, among others.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Successfully Develops Korea’s First Voltage-Type HVDC

Hyosung Heavy Industries became Korea’s first company to develop voltage-type HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), securing its own technology. Unlike current-type HDVC, the voltage type can be built in a narrower space and linked with sustainable energy. Its disadvantage is relatively low efficiency, but the company has recently overcome the issue with its converter and semiconductor switch technologies as well as Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC). Currently, Hyosung Heavy is developing major components with the aim of localizing voltage-type HVDC. First, it is working for the development, operation, and verification of DC±200MW MMC type HVDC, together with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, with a total investment of KRW 124.3 billion.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Finishes Application Process for Harrington Place in Hongje Station and Taereung

Hyosung Heavy Industries has opened the model houses for Harrington Place in Hongje Station and Taereung and completed their application process. Harrington Place Hongje Station is a redevelopment project in the area of 270, Hongje 3-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and 419 out of a total of 1,116 units have been parceled out for the state-led application process. Harrington Place Taereung is a reconstruction project of Taereung Hyundai Apartment, and 560 out of 1,308 units received applications. The expected moving dates for Harrington Place Hongje Station and Taereung are December and September 2021, respectively.

 Hyosung Information Systems Participates in CIO Summit 2019

On February 21, Hyosung Information Systems took part in CIO Summit 2019 and proposed a new strategy in line with the current digital trend. Hyosung’s “strategy to innovate data centers to improve values of data” attracted attention as it is not based on standardized hardware, thereby enabling prompt responses to customers’ demands. Hyosung Information Systems that has solidified its position as a total solution provider will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution era with its outstanding technology.

 Ulsan Plant Donates Industrial Liaison Scholarships

On March 5, the Ulsan Plant granted scholarships to two students of the University of Ulsan—Ha Ga-yeon and Kim geun-hyung— as part of its social contribution activities. Every year, the Ulsan Plant has provided financial support for the university’ students who maintain outstanding academic performance despite difficult economic conditions. The two students who were awarded this year’s scholarships sent Hyosung a letter of appreciation, expressing their commitment to do their best on electrical and chemical engineering studies to become industry leaders in the future. 

 Changwon Plant Receives 2018 Plaque of Appreciation from Changwon City

The Changwon Plant received a 2018 plaque of appreciation for social contribution from Changwon City on February 27, In the ceremony held at Changwon City Hall, Team Manager Song Kyeong-jin (General Affairs Team) received the plaque of appreciation from Changwon Mayor Huh Seong-moo. Last year, the Changwon plant donated 730 packs of rice (worth 35 million won) to underprivileged neighbors, together with Changwon City and the Community Chest of Korea. In addition, the plant participated in a campaign to cultivate talented children called “Changwon Love” hosted by Changwon City and ChildFund Korea and donated KRW 11.5 million for children of low-income families.

 Anyang Plant Conducts Cleaning Activities at Hogye Park

The Anyang Plant conducted cleaning activities at Hogye Park in Anyang on February 28. As part of the group’s social contribution activities, about 30 Hyosung employees from the Anyang Plant, R&DB Labs, the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center, and the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center joined the cleaning drive. From the front gate of the plant to Bangchuk-ro and Hogye Park, the participants rolled up their sleeves to clean up the areas perfectly. The Anyang Plant has engaged in cleaning activities around Anyangcheon Stream and Hogye Park every month.

 Some Sevit to Promotes Strawberry Buffet ‘BERRY DELICIOUS’

Some Sevit’s buffet restaurant Chavit Cuisine is running a strawberry buffet titled ‘BERRY DELICIOUS’ from February 15 to March 14. Visitors can enjoy 19 kinds of sweet strawberry desserts including Strawberry Yogurt Cake, Strawberry Oreo Mousse Cake, Berry Chocolate Tart, and Strawberry Fruit Macaroon. The strawberry buffet program also holds an SNS event for visitors. The restaurant will randomly pick two customers among those who posted photos of their visit to the strawberry buffet with mandatory hashtags (#ChavitCuisine #Strawberry Buffet #ChavitCuisineBerryDelicious) on their social media accounts and give away a weeknight dinner voucher (one each) of Chavit Cuisine.

 The Class Hyosung to Hold Spring Service Campaign

The Class Hyosung began the “Spring Service Campaign” that offers various discounts and free inspection services on February 25. With the start of Spring, it provides free inspections for visiting customers regardless of the model of their car during the campaign until March 23. Visitors can receive services from The Class Hyosung’s professional technicians on engine oil, coolant, tire pressure, brake pads, discs, and batteries. During this campaign period, the owners of E-Class that was registered before December 2012 can receive 15% discounts on the purchase of genuine parts.

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