[Focus] Data Innovation has already begun

2019. 3. 22. 16:19

 How do we use an enormous amount of accumulated data?

We are living an era in which everything around us, including what we eat and act, is accumulated into various data. The importance of data is also increasing in business environments. With the distribution of the Internet of Things, the amount of data that companies need to store and manage is skyrocketing. So, what’s more important now is how valuable “insights” firms can extract from such massive amounts of accumulated data and contents. Companies should be able to integrate and analyze all the data held they have without being limited by conditions, such as the source, form, and scale of the data, and to utilize them as insights for their businesses. This is why they need an all-in-one solution that can collect, refine, analyze and utilize data. Pentaho is a data integration analysis system based on open source and a platform that handles everything about big data analysis from the start to the end.

 Pentaho will generate priceless values

Pentaho is a solution that quickly and effortlessly processes all of its functions at once, from data collection and integration to machine learning, analysis, forecasting, and reporting. It provides an environment where users can promptly and easily integrate data with simple drag-and-drops and without needing any complex coding. Users can easily develop analytical models that incorporate machine learning through a convenient interface based on a graphical user interface (GUI).

Pentaho is expected to help businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, finance, retail, and healthcare, use their data to streamline operations, improve customer service quality, and create new business models.

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