[The Number] The Era of Hydrogen is Coming with the Full Spirit of the Earth

2019. 3. 22. 16:19


Hydrogen is the lightest element on Earth. The colorless, tasteless and odorless gas is the most abundant element in the universe, accounting for about 75% of its normal matter.

 40 times

The government plans to establish an industrial ecosystem that can lead the hydrogen economy by gradually increasing hydrogen supplies by more than 40 times from 130,000 tons in 2018 to 470,000 tons by 2022, 1.94 million tons by 2030, and 5.26 million tons by 2040.

 6.2 million cars

Korea plans to produce 6.2 million hydrogen-powered vehicles (HPV), including hydrogen automobiles, buses, and taxis, by 2040. Currently, there are 889 domestic hydrogen cars and two hydrogen buses are running each in Seoul and Ulsan. (as of December 2018)


The hydrogen vehicle is nicknamed “Moving Air Purifier” as one hydrogen electric bus can purify 400mg of fine dust, which is the amount emitted from 40 medium-sized diesel cars.

 KRW 4.3 trillion & 42 million jobs

The development of Korea’s hydrogen industry is expected to create an added value of KRW trillion and 420,000 jobs annually by 2040.


Hydrogen energy is emerging as an eco-friendly fuel with zero CO2 emissions. Hydrogen energy will also be utilized as fuel cells for homes and buildings with 2.1 GW (for about 940,000 households) to be supplied by 2040.


Hydrogen bombs need to reach above 100 million ℃ to be exploded. HPV is safe because its operating temperature is about 70 °C and hydrogen fuel is different from deuterium and tritium used for hydrogen bombs.

 Durability to withstand the weight of the Eiffel Tower

HPV’s hydrogen tank is strong enough to withstand the weight of the Eiffel Tower (7,300 tons) and goes through 17 kinds of safety tests including rupture, flame, shooting and dropping testing.

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