[Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] Episode 3, Eco-friendly Strategy

2017. 10. 20. 15:13

Hyosung’s green management is painting the earth with green. We have met Eco-friendly products and processes throughout the previous episodes. Episode 3, ‘Eco-friendly Strategy’ introduces the organizational efforts implemented by Hyosung to successfully execute our green management.

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Setting goals, organizing its manpower and implementing projects, and reviewing its results. To fulfill its green management in full capacity, each and every workplace is collectively investing its resources to manage and operate a sophisticated green management throughout the entire Hyosung family.

 1. Green Management Vision 2020

Korea was once known for its clearly defined four seasons around the calendar, but now, it has become more difficult to enjoy a lengthy spring and autumn in Korea, while the summer heat and winter chill is now more challenging than ever. Especially in summer, the changed climate catches the people on their sleeves with the humid and hot weather, replicating the tropical summer of south-east Asia. This summer was not an exception where summer came earlier than before with a higher temperature.

Climate change is not the story only for Korea. The entire earth is suffering from climate change, where we now experience extreme weather anomalies such as melting icebergs in both the north and south pole, rising sea level, and global warming. We only hope that now is not too late, despite we are experiencing the consequences of industrial development, which revoked extreme alarms of the earth warning us about our negligence. 


As of January 2017, the total surface area of ice bergs in the north pole is 13.38 million km2 (approx. 3.3billion ac), where almost the surface area of Great Britain (240,000 km2, 59.3 million ac) of ice were lost from last year. The amount of ice surface lost compared to the average area throughout the previous 38 years is close to the entire territory of South Africa.

Encountering such environmental adversity, Hyosung must do something. For the earth, and for the future of mankind, Hyosung established and announced ‘Green Management Vision 2020’, and is working for a cleaner and healthier earth.

The framework of ‘Green Management Vision 2020’ is simple. Hyosung is planning to reduce 30% of greenhouse gas emission from the forecasted greenhouse gas emission in 2020, based on the 3 year mean of greenhouse gas emission per unit from 2007 to 2009.

Leading in the response to climate change, establishing the groundwork for green management, earning a reputation as a green company, reinforcing green businesses, spreading the trend of green consumption, and establishing new growth engines are subsequent detailed missions.

To materialize its goals, Hyosung organized the Green Management Team, for overall administration of green management, and launched a greenhouse gas management program to monitor greenhouse gas reduction in real-time, and is sharing best practices for green management from each workplace to seek and development efficient and effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas. As transparency is essence to all businesses, Hyosung discloses the results and performances of its Green Management initiative, recognizing the status quo of ‘Green Management Vision 2020’, and encourage ourselves to continue our efforts.


Hyosung is targeting to reduce 30% of greenhouse gas from the forecasted amount for 2020.

 2. Green Management Team.

Only with a dedicated department, a systematic management of Green Management Vision 2020 can be incorporated. Hyosung organized its Green Management Team in 2012 to fulfill its vision. Green Management Team has the general authority over green management and administrates management of greenhouse gas emission, business management for greenhouse gas emission permits, response to restrictions on chemical substances, and communications related to green management.

To fulfill the goal of Green Management 2020, targeting to reduce 30% of greenhouse gas from the forecasted amount for 2020, the greenhouse gas emission from each workplace is monitored and managed, and greenhouse gas emission permits are traded based on such management. A greenhouse gas emission permit is a permit to emit greenhouse gas, allotted by the government to each workplace on an annual basis, and is subject to buy and sell any short or excessive greenhouse gas emission permit between different entities. Such policy was enforced in Korea since the ACT ON THE ALLOCATION AND TRADING OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSION PERMITS came into effect in May of 2012. 

Prior to the full implementation of greenhouse gas emission trading in Korea, Hyosung enlisted to the United Nations’ CDM (Clean Development Mechanism: where a country implements an emission-reduction program in developing countries can aggregate the performance derived in such developing country to its reduction performance) in June of 2011, and transferred 1.45 million tons of emission permits earned from CDM to the domestic market.

In terms of response to chemical substances, the Green Management Team manages compliance with the ACT ON REGISTRATION, EVALUATION, ETC. OF CHEMICLAS, and operates a control system to efficiently and safely manage chemical substances.


Hyosung’s Green Management Team, the winner of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at ‘Climate Week 2016’

The Green Management Team also is responsible for varieties of other projects and processes related to green management. It has won the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at ‘Climate Week 2016’, the largest policy forum in Korea for climate change response, rightfully earning the respect for its endeavors. This accomplishment was only possible with the collective effort of the entire Hyosung family, responding to climate change at each and every workplace. The future of the Green Management Team, who is leading Hyosung’s green management is anticipating.

Environment & Safety Teams are organized at each workplace, conducting key programs to manage energy consumption of each workplace, reducing environmental impacts of each workplace, and improving fire-fighting & Occupational Safety and Health environment of each workplace. From the environment to the overall safety, Hyosung is materializing a systematic management by organizing and operating a team committed to the environment and safety.

 3. Monitoring Greenhouse gas reduction performance.

To fulfill Green Management Vision 2020, it is necessary to monitor the actual greenhouse emission and reduction of each workplace. To visualize the measurement, Hyosung established a computerized program managing greenhouse gas in 2010. The target and actual performance of greenhouse gas emission of each work place is comprehensively managed on the program, with additional functions to identify the type and amount of greenhouse gas emitted from each workplace, review the classification of each facility, and recommend installation of additional measuring devices to enforce greenhouse gas management.

Each workplace also establishes its own target and action plans for greenhouse gas reduction and pursues investment in highly-efficient facilities, process improvement, fuel change and individual reduction measures. It is also necessary to recollect the result of such efforts, where best practices from each workplace were shared throughout Hyosung family in 2016, to encourage each workplace to adopt measures of which efficiency and efficacy has been proven.

Hyosung Goodsprings PU participated in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction campaign organized by Changwon city, and is actively implementing ‘5 Climate Change Response Measures for the Citizens of Changwon, the capital of environment’ (Install Green Touch, Encourage Vegan, Join Carbon Point Program, Commute in Public Transportation, Use Nubija)

 4. Disclose Green Management Activities

Internal disclosure and evaluation of the activities and results of green management is important. Moreover, providing transparency to the community and receiving the perspective an objective point of view on what actions Hyosung has been taking for the environment, and the results of such activities strongly stimulates the will and momentum of pursuing green management.

Therefore, Hyosung is disclosing its activities and results of Green Management by providing its business reports, sustainability management reports, and environmental information to the general public. Environmental Information Disclosure program, in specific, provides actual figures for disposal and consumption of pollutant and the status of environmental management to the public domain, fulfilling the peoples’ right to know, and spreading the common sense of green management.

Investing all possible resources and with corporate-wise efforts, Hyosung is the leader of Green Management. The Green Management initiated by Hyosung is not only for the short-term goals of 2020, yet is seeking the future of the next generation, and the future of earth. Setting short-term goals, and doing everything we can currently do, it is easier said than done, but the efforts that Hyosung put in today, will hopefully lead to a better tomorrow.

* Hyosung’s efforts for a better world, [Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] will return in next month’s edition with Episode 4, Supporting Eco-friendly Campaigns.

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