[CEO LETTER] We should definitely accomplish our goals with positive thinking and thorough preparation

2015. 7. 24. 09:00

Dear Hyosung Family members, Hello!

It is time to complete the first half and start the second half of the year. If you recall the plans you made at the beginning of the year, you may have over accomplished in some parts while your accomplishment in other parts may be disappointing to you. I recommend you to set more concrete and challenging goals, establish systematic performance strategy, and try harder to accomplish good outcome. 

The process of achieving goals will not always be easy. If we simply work with ease without sense of purpose, or if we are easily discouraged or give up when confront difficulties and failures, we cannot help but fall behind. We have to challenge endlessly with strong positive thinking of ‘I can overcome’ any obstacle.  

World top soccer star Lionel Messi suffered the rare disease of growth hormone deficiency in his childhood and experienced the huge ordeal of his height not growing. Because of his too small physique for a soccer player, people around him was negative about his future. However, with the positive thinking of ‘small height means faster’, Messi kept challenging developing his own unique dribbling and so on. As a result, he could become the greatest soccer player in the world of today.

The positive thinking of ‘We can do it’ was also behind the growth of our company's creora to world's No.1 brand. In the early 2000s, second mover creora gave all its efforts to overcome the high barrier of Lycra which dominated world markets. We began to replace Lycra in Asian markets by expanding overseas production network and raising marketing capability, and also jumped into the premium markets of Europe, not avoiding head to head battle. To satisfy sensitive customers, we tried hard to improve quality, and carefully listened to customer requirements to reflect for product development. We also gave differentiated service of providing trend information to client companies through creora workshop. In the process, we had many difficulties, but we were able to achieve almost 10% growth every year with the definite goal of becoming the world best and the positive attitude of 'We can do it'. As a result, we have been able to climb up to the position of leading company in the spandex market of today.  

There is a psychological term called Pygmalion Effect. This refers to such phenomenon that positive expectation makes actions compliant with the expectation, which is then connected to a result of satisfying the expectation in the end. Like the saying, ‘Words turn into seeds’, if you want positive action and result, you have to use such words first. We will have to frequently use such positive messages as 'I can do it' or 'It will work out' instead of ‘I can't do it’ or ‘impossible’ to orient our actions to the same direction. 

 But, vague optimism which is different from positive thinking should be avoided. You implement aggressively, but in the prior preparation phase you have to carefully examine various information and throughly review and prepare against the worst scenario at your full strength. If you challenge with confidence based on thorough preparation, you will be able to make good outcome and feel sense of accomplishment.  

Hyosung Family members, 

Recently, due to mers epidemic, national economy has stagnated and the whole society as well as each individual had to suffer. Fortunately, situation is calming down thanks to full collective efforts of government and the medical community. I hope everyone of us comes back to our normal life and makes the fruitful second half of 2015. Thank you!

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