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2014 Hyosung Employee of the Year Award Ceremony

Hyosung held the ceremony for 2014 Hyosung Employee of the Year Award held on December 31 in the Mapo headquarters, where two winners were selected: Senior Vice President Kim Seung-han, Head of the Interior PU, and Senior Vice President Cho Jae-joon, Manager of the Audit Team 1. They were given a cash prize of 100 million KRW as well as a plaque.


Since becoming the Head of the Interior PU in 2009, Kim was recognized for his contribution to the expansion of domestic and overseas sales as well as the significant growth of the department by developing new products that are subdivided according to client needs in the car mat business, which was suffering from low-priced substitutional goods and intense competition. Cho, Manager of the Audit Team 1, was acknowledged for his contribution to leading change and innovation by diagnosing and improving the organization’s business processes to maximize profits based on Hyosung Way, the company’s core values.


“The Hyosung Employee Award today shows the fruit of the efforts made to obtain competitive edge to survive on our own without a sense of defeat,” said Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon, congratulating the winners. “Let’s make it our working principle to take responsibility for what we did, and work together to build 100 years of Hyosung, the company that remains strong and solid in a tough external environment.”

Hyosung ITX Wins the Bronze Tower in the Order of Industrial Service Merit for Job Creation

Hyosung ITX won the Bronze Tower in the Order of Industrial Service Merit for creating high-quality jobs at the awards ceremony for ‘2014 Government Reward for Job Creation’ hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor on December 23. With this award, Hyosung ITX gained the honors of winning awards for job creation two years in a row, in addition to the President’s Award last year. Hyosung ITX has increased employment annually by 10%, while also hiring over 6,500 employees as permanent workers and providing stable work environment, making active efforts to create high-quality jobs.


Hyosung Discusses Business Cooperation with the Indonesian President

The top management of Hyosung including Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon, President Cho Hyun-joon and Vice President Cho Hyun-sang discussed expanding business to Indonesia with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his party at the Haeundae Grand Hotel Busan on December 10. During the meeting, Hyosung executives talked about the possibility of cooperation in energy, environment and construction with the Indonesian President and key personnel who visited Korea to attend the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. Hyosung will be able to provide a great help in improving the Indonesian energy environment by using the ESS (Energy Storage System) for the energy business.

Performance Report of 2014 Conglomerates & SMEs Energy Partnership Project

Hyosung received a citation from the Chairman of the Korea Energy Management Corporation on December 10 for its outstanding performance in energy partnership promoted by the government. Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Energy Partnership Project selects conglomerates as energy advisors of SMEs to diagnose energy efficiency on site and reviewing their energy saving technologies. Hyosung signed a business agreement for energy partnership back in March 2014, and has since constantly shared know-how for energy management systems with SMEs. As a result, the company was selected as the best practice for contributing to the improvement of energy environment for SMEs and establishing the grounds for enhanced competitiveness.


Hyosung Newsletter Wins 2014 Korea Communication Awards

The company newsletter <HYOSUNG> won the Korea Business Journalism Association (KBJA) Chairman’s Award for company newsletter editing at the 2014 Korea Communication Awards hosted by the KBJA on December 3. Founded in 1980, <HYOSUNG> has been acting as a window for communication to publicize Hyosung, distributed to over 100 offices worldwide as a key channel of in-house communication, as well as to the homes of employees, clients, partners and public offices. This year, the newsletter shared the know-how for overcoming the IMF crisis as well as the oil shock with the 5-part series of <Learning from History – Inheriting the DNA to Overcome Crisis>.


Some Sevit Website Wins Grand Prize at the Web Award Korea

The Some Sevit website (somesevit.co.kr) run by Some Sevit won the Grand Prize for Travel/Tourism of Culture/Leisure Sprots at the 2014 Web Award Korea hosted by the Korea Internet Professionals Association (KIPFA) on December 16. This award was for websites that were newly made or renewed in the past year, evaluated by Korea’s biggest website rating agency. The evaluation board consisting of web experts assessed and selected the most innovative and outstanding website for the award.


Hyosung R&DB Labs Offers ‘Phosphor Academy’ Training[j1]

Hyosung R&DB Labs offered the Phosphor Academy’ training on December 4 for employees to increase technical understanding and enhance competences. The program consisted of lectures on the basic principles of LED package and phosphors, latest technological trends in phosphors, trends in the display and lighting industries that are downstream industries of LED phosphors, market trends and pending issues in sales. Relevant researchers gave lectures on the technical aspects, while the staff of the phosphor commercialization TFT took charge of the market conditions and sales issues to lead active discussions.


Power & Industrial Systems PG

Power Systems PU Signs Partnership Agreement for Arc Welders

The Power Systems PU signed a partnership agreement for arc welders with the Korea Welding Industry Cooperative on December 10 at the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership located in Guro-gu, Seoul. This agreement has significance in that it seeks win-win growth based on autonomous agreement between the two parties away from the dichotomous logic. Hyosung agreed to provide support for the domestic welding business by supplying equipment and participating in overseas exhibitions with the Cooperative.


Hyosung Hosts the 2014 Power & Industrial Systems PG Partners’ Meeting

Hyosung selected and presented plaques to 10 outstanding partners of the year at the 2014 Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG Partners’ Meeting held on December 16 at the Hotel Pullman Ambassador Changwon City. Over 80 partners supplying key components to the Power & Industrial Systems PG were invited to the meeting. Among them, ten of the partners that contributed to securing price and technological competitiveness of Hyosung were selected as outstanding partners.


Power Systems PU Holds an ESS Seminar in Association with Renewable Energy

The Power Systems PU held an ESS (Energy Storage System) seminar in association with renewable energy for relevant clients on December 19 in cooperation with the Korea Energy Management Corporation. During the seminar, Hyosung shared the domestic ESS supply policies and the company’s business performance as well as competences, along with ways to apply ESS to renewable energy and empirical results. Eleven firms related to renewable energy such as the Korea Southern Power, Korea South-East Power, Korea Midland Power, and Korea Western Power participated in the seminar. Hyosung could share the application methods and utility of ESS in association with renewable energy in this seminar, while also establishing the grounds to expand the ESS business in the field of renewable energy by resolving the doubts that the clients had had about ESS application.

Changwon Plant Holds a Briefing Session about the Hyosung Changwon Daycare Center


The Changwon Plant hosted a briefing session about the Hyosung Changwon Daycare Center on December 8 for married female employees at the Changwon Plant. The Changwon Plant will open the Gyosung Changwon Daycare Center in March 2015, which will accommodate total 40 children divided into three classes age one (18 months) to four. 

For the briefing session, researchers of the Puruni Childcare Support Foundation, to which the management of the Center is consigned, visited the Changwon Plant to provide information on the recruitment of children for 2015. Thanks to their explanations about operation policies, childcare programs and environment, the employees could better understand about the new Center.


Changwon Plant Signs an Agreement with Changwon for Autonomous Malodor Reduction

The Changwon Plant signed an agreement with Changwon and 11 national industrial complexes for autonomous malodor reduction on December 18 at the Changwon City Hall. The purpose of the agreement is to reduce malodors at the national industrial complexes in Changwon and create a pleasant air environment. With the goal of reducing at least 30% of malodorous density by 2017 compared to 2013, Hyosung with improve the processes, reinforce management inspections and implement malodor reduction facilities. Changwon agreed to provide various incentives for companies participating in the agreement, such as financial and technical support for malodor reduction. All employees of the Changwon Plant are encouraged to pay attention and thoroughly abide by the rules regarding the emission and management of malodors and substances.

Industrial Materials PG

Ulsan Plant Offers Training for Site Managers

The Ulsan Plant offered training for site managers such as foremen and assistant foremen for two days on December 2 and 8. The training program included a special lecture by the General Plant Manager followed by the PU meeting. The General Plant Manager explained the difficult situation of the Korean economy and firms, and encouraged the participants to maintain a responsible attitude to overcome the crisis. Moreover, he emphasized that the Ulsan Plant must be a best practice for industrial safety management by perfecting the preparations for the PSM (Process Safety Management) evaluation. The Ulsan Plant will continue to increase communication with site employees by offering various training programs for each position.


The Jeonju Plant held a firefighting contest on December 2 for employees and partners. To arouse employees’ attention to fire and increase their initial reaction skills, this contest consisted of three events (using a fire extinguisher, unwinding and rewinding the fire hose, and using an outdoor fire hydrant), which were evaluated with the help of the Palbok 119 Safety Center. The Jeonju Plant could promote its safety thanks to the firefighting contest.


Trading PG

Hyosung Carries Out an Emergency Drill at Sevitseom for Safety


Hyosung carried out an emergency fire drill at Some Sevit and surrounding areas on December 4. It was provided for citizens to visit and enjoy Some Sevit in a safe and comfortable environment by reinforcing safety management. The drill included fire suppression, evacuation and first aid, as well as lifesaving training to rescue those falling into the river during evacuation.

Information Communication PG


Hyosung Capital Holds the 3rd In-house Experts Training

Hyosung Capital successfully completed the training program for four in-house experts in two weeks, starting from December 9. The purpose of this training program is to fulfill the need for key in-house talents for organizational development and to provide an alternative for the cost required to invite external experts. This program acts as a guide for other employees by sharing with them what the potential in-house experts in each department have learned, while also providing a venue for exchanging job information. The in-house experts will be serving as in-house lecturers.



The Class Hyosung Holds the Happy Together Promotion


The Class Hyosung held the Happy Together Promotion in December for customers to enjoy comfort and pleasure with their families. With the December Happy Together Promotion, The Class Hyosung presents Hankook Winter i-Cept Evo Tires to customers who purchased the New C-Class model, and Tivoli Audio Model 1 Bluetooth speakers or Le Creuset pots and round skillet grills for customers who purchased the E-Class model.

The Class Hyosung Opens the Cheonan Showroom

The Class Hyosung opened the 6th Mercedes-Benz showroom in Cheonan. The gross area of the showroom is 504m², which can display total six cars. It is located near the KTX station at the heart of Cheonan so that customers can conveniently seek consultation and take a look at the cars with a cup of coffee.


Moreover, customers visiting, test-driving or consulting by January 31 are given a free gift from Mercedes-Benz. Those purchasing a car during the same period are given a free gift package.


Social Contribution News

Hyosung Makes a Donation for the Community

Hyosung donated 1 billion KRW to the Community Chest of Korea for the underprivileged on December 22, 2014. “I hope this helps the underprivileged people of our society to feel warmth in the bitter cold around the New Year,” said Jang Hyeong-Ok, Head of the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group.


Hyosung has already held various events at the end of the year, such as making kimchi for the low-income families in Mapo-gu and donating blood for children with leukemia and cancer. In addition, the company continues to carry out social contribution activities for those in need.


Hyosung Holds the Kimchi Sharing Event

Hyosung held the Kimchi Sharing ceremony with the Mapo-gu Office on December 4 and visited low-income families to share kimchi. Over 30 employees including Vice President Cho Hyun-sang and Support Division Head Jang Hyeong-ok participated in delivering kimchi to each and every family.


This event was financed by the Matching Grant fund in which employees voluntarily donate a certain amount and the company matches that amount by participating in the donation.


Share Your Love by Donating Blood!

Hyosung held an event to donate blood for children with leukemia and cancer on December 2 at the headquarters. Hyosung employees actively participated in donating blood to give hope and new life to children with leukemia and cancer. The donor cards donated by Hyosung employees will be used to provide blood for children with leukemia and cancer through the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KACLC).


Hyosung Holds the 2015 Wishes Event at Sevitseom

Hyosung holds the ‘2015 Wishes’ event at Some Sevit until January 11, where visitors can make a New Year’s wish and make a donation at the same time. Visitors of Some Sevit can participate by writing down their New Year’s wishes for 2015 on the Wish Card provided at Some Gavit, and tie the card to the Wish Bridge near the entrance of Some Sevit. There is also an event in which visitors can take photos at the Photo Zone and check them on the LED screen of the Media Art Gallery.

Anyang Office Donates the Collection Raised from Salary Sharing


The Anyang Office donated over 44 million KRW on December 30 for the low-income families in Anyang from the collection raised from salary sharing among employees of the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs and Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center. In addition, to help the underprivileged people in various social classes, the Anyang Office also sent Plant Manager Yoon Han-choon and two others to a center for crime victims in Anyang on December 22, where they donated 5 million KRW as a subsistence allowance for victims of grave crimes.

Jeonju Plant Makes a Donation for the Community


The Jeonju Plant employees donated 17 million KRW to the Jeonbuk Community Chest of Korea and Dong-A EZEDU on December 10. This donation consists of the collection raised by the employees who voluntarily donated a certain amount of money from their salaries in 2014 and the Matching Grant fund. The donation will be used for the families that are underprivileged in welfare as well as to purchase books for elementary schools nearby.


The Gumi Plant participated in sponsoring the Gumi Plant Santa Expedition LET’S BE SANTA’ event and volunteer activity hosted by the ChildFund Korea Gyeongbuk on December 19. This event has marked its 8th anniversary this year, and the Gumi Plant has been participating for 7 years since 2008. The Santa Expedition is an event to make wishes come true for underprivileged children in the area and provide stabilization of livelihood for them to have a warm winter. The Gumi Plant donated 7 million KRW as well as gifts delivered by ten members of the volunteer corps including the Human Resources Team Manager.

Ulsan Plant Makes a Donation for the Community


The Ulsan Plant made a donation for the Ulsan Community Chest of Korea on December 1. The Ulsan Plant employees have been actively participating in the salary sharing campaign since 2009 to support those in need, and Hyosung is also taking part in donation in the form of the Matching Grant.


Ulsan Plant Selected as an Outstanding Education Donator

The Ulsan Plant was selected as an outstanding education donator for 2014 and received an appreciation plaque from the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education on December 18. The Ulsan Plant has annually sponsored industrial-academic scholarships for students of the University of Ulsan, and has also contributed to the development of the local educational environment by forming a partnership with Okdong Elementary School and Jangsangpo Elementary School.


Ulsan Plant Donates Rice for the Underprivileged

The Ulsan Plant employees visited the Korean Red Cross Ulsan Center on December 24 to present 100 bags of rice. The employees also visited two underprivileged families to give them rice and daily necessities.


This donation was financed by the monthly dues collected by the Ulsan Plant Red Cross Volunteer Group to provide Christmas gifts for those in need. Since its foundation in June 2007, the Ulsan Plant Red Cross Volunteer Group has been offering home repair services every year for the needy and volunteering at orphanages and facilities for the disabled.

Eonyang Plant Makes a Donation for the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation


The Eonyang Plant made a donation for children with cancer to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation on December 10. The financed by the Matching Grant fund in which employees voluntarily donate a certain amount of their salaries and the company matches that amount by participating in the donation. The Eonyang Plant has been providing hope for children fighting illness by annually making a donation for the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, and will continue to carry out social contribution activities in the future.


Yongyeon Plant Makes a Donation for the Korean Red Cross and Ulsan Namgu Community Welfare Center

The Yongyeon Plant donated 5 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross Ulsan Center on December 17, and 15 million KRW to the Ulsan Namgu Community Welfare Center on December 22. The Yongyeon Plant employees are actively participating in the salary sharing campaign, and the company also takes part in the Matching Grant donation. The collection raised for one year was donated to the Korean Red Cross and Ulsan Namgu Community Welfare Center.

Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant Volunteers at the Love Shelter

Employees of the Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant volunteered at the Love Shelter, a welfare facility for people with intellectual disabilities, on December 6. The participants helped cultivation on farmlands, cleaned up the facility, presented donated supplies, and set up a Christmas tree for about two hours.


24 Gumi Plant employees who participated in the volunteer activity donated daily necessities and presented gloves and socks for over 30 members of the facility.


Gumi Plant Volunteers to Cook Side Dishes

The Gumi Plant volunteered to cook side dishes on December 17 at the Gumi General Social Welfare Center. The Gumi Plant is consistently carrying out volunteer work every first, third and fifth Wednesday of the month to help about 80 homes with seniors and disabled people in the area maintain basic livelihood, as they are likely to starve due to disabilities and financial difficulties.


Sejong Plant Makes a Donation for the Community

The Sejong Plant visited the Sejong Community Chest of Korea on December 18 to donate a collection raised by employees through the salary sharing campaign. The Sejong Plant employees are annually donating a collection to underprivileged teenagers in Sejong to use as scholarships, and will continue to carry out social contribution by sharing.

Changwon Plant Donates Supplies to the Underprivileged

On December 20, the Changwon Plant donated rice (20kg) and carpets to 200 underprivileged families in Changwon selected by the Changwon City, such as elders living alone, single-parent families, and the disabled people receiving the basic livelihood security. The Changwon Plant purchased the supplies with the Matching Grant fund in which employees voluntarily donate a certain amount and the company matches that amount by participating in the donation. Over 50 employees of the Changwon Plant visited each family to present the supplies, offering greetings and spending time with them.


Changwon Plant Cleans Up Rivers in the Community

Over 70 employees in the Changwon Plant Management Division participated in cleaning up Namcheon River and Wanamcheon River between Changwon Plant 1 and Plant 3 on December 12. The participants actively participated in collecting litter and solid waste around the rivers despite the cold weather.


Changwon Plant Holds a Briquette Sharing Event

The Changwon Plant held a briquette sharing event at the Gyeongnam Community Chest of Korea on December 18. This event is newly promoted by the Changwon Plant this year to help those suffering in the cold winter due to financial difficulties. 300 briquettes are provided for 60 underprivileged families in Gyeongnam, purchased with the Matching Grant fund in which employees voluntarily donate a certain amount and the company matches that amount by participating in the donation. The Changwon Plant employees will volunteer to deliver briquettes themselves to the families on January 10, 2015.


The Changwon Plant Opens Hyosung Mini Library

The Changwon Plant hosed the Hyosung Mini Library opening ceremony at Wosan Elementary School of Jin-dong and Gamchun Elementary School of Naeseo on December 23, and donated total 1,244 books recommended for elementary school students worth 10 million KRW for each school. The Changwon Plant has been donating books to elementary schools within the district every year since 2010. The opening of Hyosung Mini Library is expected to improve the reading environment of the relevant schools, through which students will read many books to help achieve their dreams.


Chinhung International Holds the 2014 Warm Winter & Love Sharing Event

Chinhung International held the 2014 Warm Winter & Love Sharing event on December 18 in cooperation with Huam-dong Community Service Center where the Seoul headquarters is located. Since 2009, the employees of Chinhung International has been annually donating a part of their salaries to raise a fund that is to be used as medical and living expenses for the low-income families in the area. There was more significance this year as, along with the 3 million KRW donated by the employees with the Matching Grant fund, the company added 130 bags of rice equivalent to that amount for the donation. The rice was sent to daycare centers and facilities for the disabled in the area such as Haesimwon, Young Nak Borin Orphanage, Young Nak Aenea’s Home, and Gabriel’s Home.

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