[Happy Talk] “Hahaha, we deliver hope through laughing”

2013. 12. 12. 10:26

“Hahaha, we deliver hope through laughing”

There was at first, a tense silence among Hyosung members in ‘Happy Talk’ hall because of some-what unfamiliar scene unfolded before them. Chairs in the hall were placed in a way that members have to face each other. They must be worried about how they would look in the sight of people sitting next to them. To break tension in the hall, someone suggested that each of them laugh out loud. Everyone seemed to be embarrassed, not knowing what to do. Just then, Lee Joseph, Head of Happiness Lab Korea said that such embarrassment is the first barrier you need to break through in order to bring back humor.

Laughing is a kind of exercise that we need to do every day.”

“Allen Klein, the former president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor said that humor can change your attitude towards the life. He sank into despair after his wife died, but with humor, he regained hope in life. You need to laugh whether you are happy or not. Laugh not because you are happy, but because you must do it. Laughing is like exercise, for example, walking and jogging, that we need to do every day.” 

If you change the way you think, it will change your behavior and in turn, change your life. According to Mr. Lee, the starting point of making a profound difference in your life is ‘overcoming your prejudice against humor’.

Humor leads to ‘happy end’

Laughing is the best and most awesome choice you can make in this unstable, competitive society. Of thousand-forked roads, it is the only gateway without fail to the happy end. This is not confined to individuals. In the same context, the company can paint a picture of its future different from the past with humor.

“What do companies really want? None other than success. The key to corporate success is human. But, there is a big difference between a successful person and others. That is, a positive-mind and confidence. Let’s take Napoleon as an example. He never appointed those saying ‘no’ to the question of whether or not they regard themselves lucky. This question was to see whether they have a positive mind, which then demonstrated as self-confidence.” 

Positive thinking is closely related to laughter. They are both cause and result of each other.

The biggest reason people do not laugh is ‘worry’. To get rid of worries about things that never happen combined with those over and past that cannot be changed, we must think positive. Appreciate and forgive whatever happened in the past and start enjoying your life in the present. Put aside a pessimistic view of the future, but trust yourself with confidence. Then, you will find yourself smiling. In short, Positive thinking is the best way to burst into laughter. 

Humor makes the company happier and healthier

Assume that our lifespan is 80 years, we spend 26 years in sleep, 21 years at work, 9 years eating and drinking and 6 years and 7 worrying about one thing to another. In comparison, we spend only 20 days laughing loud. In other words, we spend too little time to make ourselves happy.

Maybe because the goal of ‘living happy’ is too abstract that we are not motivated. So, Mr. Lee proposed a more detailed goal - ‘health’.

“Laughing is a full body workout. Laughing once works on the body like 5 sit-ups. 10 seconds of laughter equals to 3-minute long rowing and 15 seconds of laughing out loud is the same as running 100 meters with all your might. Laughing makes your heart and lung healthier with the number of immune cell fighting against cancer increased up to 30~1000%. If you laugh for 15 seconds in a day, you will add 2 days to your lifespan. Laughing together is about 30 times more effective than laughing alone. Let’s laugh out loud!”  

The hall was soon filled with roars of laugher. “Haha, hahaha, hahahaha” As the sound of laughter rose across from each other, members seemed to be happier. It was true that positive thinking together with laughter strengthens teamwork. It was also proved right in the resolution Hyosung members made.

“It is hard to see team members laughing because they are always busy doing their work. But, I learned a lot through this ‘Happy Talk’. I plan to have one-minute long laughing training before the team meeting held every two weeks”, said Choi Jin-man, Global Sales 3 Team Leader, Power System PU.

“I often heard from team members that I don’t laugh much. So, I decided to laugh first before they do”, said Yeon Tae-bum, Overseas PJT Sales Team Leader, Power System PU. It took only one and a half hours to change the way he thinks about laughing. Likewise, a brief laughing exercise created a great sensation among Hyosung members.

With this ‘Happy Talk’ as an opportunity, team leaders will not only make a bright, pleasing GWT, but also play an important role in building a positive organizational culture.  

Humor is the best and most awesome choice you can make in this unstable, competitive society. Of thousand-forked roads, it is the only gateway without fail to a happy ending.

Lee Joseph, Head of Happiness Lab Korea, who led ‘Happy Talk’ and Hyosung members getting positive energy from him.

Written by Woo Seung-yeon (freelance writer), photographed by Choi Sang-won (Section Chief of Communication Team), conducted by Hyosung HR Development Center Corporate Culture Team

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