[Special Field-Visit] Dreamland to Fulfill Win-win Growth

2013. 12. 12. 19:31

Dreamland to Fulfill Win-win Growth

<The disabled employees gained independence and a comfortable life.>

Happy workplace for both able-bodied and disabled people

Happy workplace for both able-bodied and disabled people

<In the 'Dream Space' cafeteria, which is organized by Hyosung ITX Dodreami, jobs for the disabled such as selling coffee and drinks and nail art service are created.>

“At first, I was very afraid of working at the public space. But, ever since I joined Hyosung ITX cafeteria, I became confident. I am happy to meet people through my job and get paid.”


Park Beom is a barrister at Dream Space, an in-company cafeteria in Happy Dodreami. At that time when he had an interview, he was very shy. However, he is now cheerful and bright - hands over the coffee customers ordered with friendly greetings.


‘Happy Dodreami’, which carries a meaning to ‘create happiness together with both able-bodied and disabled people’, is Hyosung ITX’s subsidiary company established to recruit severely disabled persons among those who have less chance to be hired, and help them become financially independent and thus, stabilize their livelihood. This subsidiary company introduced in 2008, now has 31 shops across the country and it is also promoted as a good-practice model for the employment of disabled persons by conglomerates. 

Happy Dodreami commissioned to provide in-company welfare services, recruited persons with severe disabilities like hearing impairment and intellectual disability, at not only Dream Space, the cafeteria, but also Health Keeper and nail-art shop. It focused on developing jobs suited for 23 disabled persons trained in cooperation with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled and providing them with high-quality jobs.  

Joy of embracing differences

Joy of embracing differences

“I was worried at first, whether customers find it inconvenient to communicate with disabled staff members using hand signs and facial expression instead of using voice. But, what I worried turned out to be unfounded. Hyosung ITX members visiting this shop, quickly adapted and began communicating with haring-impaired or intellectually handicapped persons.”


At this shop, Hyosung ITX members communicate and order using a touch display with menus detailing information. Even those who first were unfamiliar with this new way of ordering menus, now come into the shop and place their order as a duck takes to water. The orientation program conducted beforehand, was of great help in putting such shops on a sound footing.


“One of staff members working at the cafeteria texted me on his first payday that he presented his parents with red thermal underwear. He told me that his parents were very happy. There must be many difficulties working out in the real world for the first time in their life, but they all seemed to be happy with their jobs and I am very proud of that”, said Kim Hyun-soo, Head of Hyosung ITX Recruiting Team about staff members well adapted to Happy Dodreami with a big smile on his face.

Happy Dodreami managers were never afraid of working weekends to create a pleasant workspace. They worked on the interior and even made promotional materials to distribute among Hyosung members. As a result of spending much time and working with disabled staff members, managers became so close to staff members that they now can have simple conversations in sign language.


Story of win-win growth that encompassed welfare and job-creation

Story of win-win growth that encompassed welfare and job-creation

<<In the 'Dream Space' cafeteria, which is organized by Hyosung ITX Dodreami, jobs for the disabled such as selling coffee and drinks and nail art service are created.>

With this project, Hyosung ITX put great efforts to ensure the convenience of staff members, for example, reserving disabled-only toilets and parking spaces, installing automatic doors and making braille business cards. Moreover, various services provided through this project made a great appeal to Hyosung members. It was like killing two birds with one stone - facilities established for disabled persons not only provide them with jobs, but also offer convenience and as a result, improve the quality of welfare of Hyosung ITX members through a wide range of services such as nail-art, massage and book cafe.


Staring with two workplaces established in Yeongdeungpo, Happy Dodreami will continue making efforts to create more jobs for disabled persons and at the same time, improve the quality of employment growth. 

Hyosung ITX Director, Nam Kyung-whan “It is a great pleasure that Happy Dodreami makes contribution for social welfare purposes, like employment of the disabled. I will stay focused on successful management of Happy Dodreami.”

Written by Lee Yoon-jeong (Deputy Section Chief of Communication Team), 

Photographed by Kim Won-tae (Day40 Studio), collaborated with Hyosung ITX

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