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2013. 8. 19. 09:55

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Hyosung Holds ‘Ceremony of Sharing and Support for the Vulnerable Social Group in Mapogu’

On June 27th in Mapo headquarters, Hyosung held the Ceremony of Sharing and Support for the Vulnerable Social Group in Mapo-gu’ and presented a support fund of KRW 20 million. Vice President Noh Jae-bong (head of Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group), Noh Woong-rae, member of the National Assembly in Mapo-gu, and Lim Man-soo, chairman of the Mapo-gu social welfare council, attended the event. The support fund will be used by the Mapo-gu social welfare council as livings costs, medical expenses, and educational expenses for 120 socially vulnerable residents in Mapo-gu who are in urgent need of support. Hyosung and Mapo-gu will contribute to improving the stability and quality of life by accepting applications from those in need and providing emergency funding for the next year.

New Homes for the Korean War Veterans

Hyosung donated KRW 70 million for a housing project for war veterans on July 10th in the Army Headquarters located in Gyeryong, Chungcheongnam-do. Hyosung Vice President Noh Jae-bong (head of Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group) and the Army’s Human Resources Commander Lee Jae-soo attended the donation ceremony. The relevant housing project has been carried out by the Army Headquarters since 2011 to support the Korean War veterans in need. It is designed to repair worn-out houses for recipients of national basic livelihood among the war veterans so that they can enjoy more pleasant and comfortable life. Last year, over 10 companies including Hyosung as well as the army, local governments, and individuals participated in the project to provide homes for 58 war veterans.

Hyosung Offers Experiential Engineering Class at ‘2013 Korean Donation for Education Exhibition’

Hyosung participated in the 2013 Korean Donation for Education Exhibition’ held for three days from July 12th in KINTEX, Ilsan, where they provided an experiential engineering class for students to easily understand their major businesses. Hyosung helped students understand carbon fiber and environmentally-friendly energy by offering a variety of activities such as making a carbon model in the shape of a soccer ball with pentagonal and hexagonal carbon structures, examining products that applied carbon fiber, and making banana juice with a mixer using energy generated from a bicycle. 

Hyosung had made a great appeal to students last year as well by offering such programs through which they could experience wind-power vehicles and magnetic levitation trains. Since signing the MOU regarding donation for education with the Ministry of Education in 2011, Hyosung has participated in the Korean Donation for Education Exhibition and supported education to prevent school violence through NGO ‘Good Neighbors.’ Moreover, Hyosung is actively participating in fostering talents that will lead Korea in the future by supporting after-school learning activities of schools near the main plants and operating ‘Junior Engineering Class.’

Hyosung Sponsors Musical by Korea Teachers’ Theater Association to Prevent School Violence


Hyosung sponsored the musical <Please Listen> as part of social contribution activities to prevent school violence. This sponsorship is intended to share the severity of school violence with citizens and prevent school violence. The musical <Please Listen> is a regular performance performed by teachers of the Korea Teachers’ Theater Association and students, and it introduces ways for teachers, parents and students to understand and embrace one another as Korean teenagers’ suffer through conflicts with the top teenage suicide rate, worst scholastic achievement, and worst teenage happiness index. The performance was held from July 25th to 28th in the Grand Theater of Dongduk Women's University Performing Arts Center. It had attracted great attention in its premiere in 2012, resulting in the participation of many professional actors and actresses in this repeat performance, empathizing with the purpose of the performance.

Hyosung Vietnam Division Reduces Costs by Operating Natural Fuel Boiler (Wood Fuel and Coal)

The spandex plant and steel tire cord plant of the Vietnam division are reducing additional costs by changing the steam-production fuel source necessary for the process from the former NG (natural gas) to natural fuel boiler (wood fuel/coal). The natural fuel boiler plant was completed on July 5th after a four-month period of construction. It has begun its normal operation since July 10th, currently supplying the entire quantity of steam required by the spandex and steel tire cord plants. The spandex plant and steel tire cord plant saved the costs by $27 million by changing the steam-production fuel from natural gas to natural fuel.

Hyosung Chorus Holds the Kick off Meeting

Hyosung Chorus held the kick-off meeting on July 4th in Mapo headquarters. The event started off with an address by Vice President Jang Hyoung-ok, followed by an introduction of the conductor, a greeting session among members, and sharing of goals and schedules. Hyosung Chorus will begin its first rehearsal on August 5th and aims to hold the first performance around November. A great deal of attention and support are anticipated for Hyosung Chorus, which will create harmony among employees with music and share love by donating talent. (Information: Support Division HR Planning Team Kim Bo-rim).


Creora Participates in ‘2013 Mode City / Interfilière Paris Fair’

From July 6th to 9th, the Spandex PU participated in the ‘2013 Mode City / Interfilière Paris Fair,’ which is the world’s biggest swimwear/lingerie and textile fair held in Paris, France. It was an especially meaningful event as Hyosung carried out a joint project with our client TDB of Brazil to introduce the famous Brazilian swimwear brands RYGY and Brigitte to the European market for the first time. This project was designed to meet the increasing attention for the fashion trends and brands of Brazil, which has the biggest textile market in South America, as Brazil is scheduled to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. 

The brands under collaboration use Hyosung’s highly-durable chlorine spandex Creora Highclo™ in their swimwear. This collaboration is expected to provide an optimum opportunity to enhance trust with the partner while also publicizing Creora’s excellent functionality and quality to the European market. “This fair provided the first occasion for Hyosung Creora to show off Brazil’s globally popular swimwear brands in Paris, the heart of the latest fashion,” said Textile PG Head Cho Hyun-joon. “I hope this serves as a momentum for Hyosung to lead the consumer trends in the premium European market while also increasing loyalty in the Brazilian market, greatly enhancing the value and awareness of global No. 1 brand.”

In the meantime, Hyosung also displayed the client products that use Creora Highclo™ products, including France’s Rossignol, Italy’s Sitip, Vietnam’s Carbico, China’s Duolun, as well as Korea’s Hyunjin and Pucheon, supporting the marketing activities of the clients for win-win growth by opening up new markets and enhancing brand awareness.

Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Ulsan Plant Holds ‘2013 Second Half Year Workshop’

The Ulsan Plant of the Nylon Polyester Yarn PU held the 2013 second-half year workshop on September 19th. Over 40 employees attended the workshop, including office workers, on-site foremen, and presidents of partners. In the workshop, Plant Manager Park Seok-hwa asked all employees to develop competences for continuous growth based on the management philosophies of accountability, integrity, and accuracy without being swayed by environmental changes. Participants then went on to share various issues and ideas under the theme, ‘Let’s Make the Best Products with Perfect Management,’ and came up with solutions for improvement. They also examined the first-half year’s indexes and gave presentations on necessary efforts to achieve the management goals in the second half of this year. This workshop was a great occasion for employees to share the common goal of ‘quality improvement’ and resolve to achieve the management goals.

‹‹ Industrial Materials PG ››

Ahn Cheol soo Visits Jeonju Carbon Fiber Plant

National Assembly Member Ahn Cheol-soo visited the Jeonju Carbon Fiber Plant on July 18th. Ahn first listened to explanations about Hyosung, the Jeonju Plant, and carbon fiber, and then had a meeting with the employees. Declaring his interest in carbon fiber, Ahn asked questions about the carbon fiber industry and the current status, and kindly answered the questions from the employees. Then he examined various products made with Hyosung’s carbon fiber, and learned more about the overall carbon fiber production process such as polymerization, radiation, and firing from the tour of the plant.


Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Eonyang Plant Holds TOP Practice Excellence Award Ceremony

The Eonyang Plant of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU held the TOP Practice Excellence Award Ceremony on July 22nd to honor the teams and individuals with excellent TOP (Total Operational Program) practice performance and encourage continuous cost-reduction activities. The TOP project is a total cost innovation activity to improve the company’s financial performance and build a sustainable operating system, and it was carried out in the Eonyang Plant from January 2012 to April 2013

The Eonyang Plant honored cost-reduction contributions of teams and individuals by awarding the Steel Wire Maintenance Team, BW Pretreatment Team, and SW Manufacturing Team for Excellent Practice Team, and awarding SW Manufacturing Team member Lee Dae-woo, BW Pretreatment Team member Kim Tae-gyu, and SC Manufacturing Team Kim Jeong-hee for Excellent Practice Ideas. The Eonyang Plant employees resolved to continue their efforts for cost innovation at the organizational level even after the ceremony.

Aramid Business Division Holds First-Half Year Workshop

The Aramid Business Division held the first-half Year workshop from June 21st to 22nd at a resort located in Muju, Jeollabuk-do. 28 employees participated in the workshop, including employees from the headquarters and divisions as well as the Anyang R&D Center. They reviewed the performance in the first half of 2013 and discussed things to do in order to fulfill the management plans for the second-half year. This workshop was also accompanied by the Aramid Business Division GWP Workshop, in which there was a reading of the resolution by the division head and team managers, writing of notes for one another, and rafting to strengthen the unity among employees. The members resolved to make more efforts to make the Aramid Business Division a great workplace.

Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Ulsan Plant Holds 1st Workshop to Spread Management Philosophies and Practical Principles

The Ulsan Plant of Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU held the 1st workshop to spread the management philosophies and practical principles on July 19th for 45 employees. After the explanation of the history of Hyosung and focus of business activities in 2013 by Plant Manager Hwang Jeong-mo, there was a lecture about Hyosung’s management philosophies: accountability, integrity, and accuracy. Then the participants shared good and bad cases through discussions, and thought about desired attitudes at work. The Ulsan Plant will hold a total of 6 workshops by September until all employees work in attitudes based on the management philosophies.

Interior PU Holds the First-half Year Performance Sharing Session

The Interior PU held the first-half year performance sharing session in the Anyang Plant on July 16th. In this session, all employees of the Interior PU headquarters, Anyang Plant, and Daejeon Plant shared the performance status of the first half of the year, and strengthened the unity by holding a friendly soccer match. It was a good opportunity to confirm their determination to achieve better results in the second half of the year despite the tough business environment.



Yongyeon Plant Holds the June Meeting of GWP Promotion Committee

The Yongyeon Plant held the June meeting of the Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee on June 25th. Agent Kim Jin-wook (Yongyeon Plant Management Team Manager) and 12 other committee members attended the meeting, sharing ideas and discussing the results of the GWP Index survey conducted in the first half of 2013. The members also selected winners of Yongyeon Plant GWP Idea Contest and gave feedback on practice, and had discussions for the development of Yongyeon Plant GWP. Through the discussions among different PUs and levels, the meeting provided a meaningful occasion for the Yongyeon Plant members to understand one another better and share ideas to make the Yongyeon Plant a greater workplace.

Yongyeon Plant Implements 1st Responsibility Management Delivery Training

The Yongyeon Plant implemented the 1st Responsibility Management Delivery Training on July 17th for 59 employees in PP/DH PU, TPA PU, and Management/Official Business Division. The training program began with the introduction of the history of Hyosung by General Plant Manager Cho Do-seon, followed by an explanation on Hyosung’s management philosophies by Plant Manager Kim Gi-young. This training is expected to foster the employees, upon being initiated in the secrets to work with accountability, integrity and accuracy, into more competent Hyosung members by applying what they learned in actual work. The Yongyeon Plant will implement 11 sessions of the Responsibility Management Delivery Training by October.

Gwanghyewon Plant Signs Win-win Agreement for Corporate Practical Movement of Love for Chungbuk Agricultural Products

The Gwanghyewon Plant signed a win-win agreement with the Corporate Love & Farm Love Campaign Center for companies to show their love for Chungbuk agricultural products. This agreement is one of the many projects promoted to improve corporate productivity and revive local economy by linking companies and farms in the province. 

The Gwanghyewon Plant will continue to develop campaigns to increase purchase by actively promoting excellent agricultural specialties produced in Chungcheongbuk-do such as peaches in August; holiday gift packages such as Korean beef, fruits, and miscellaneous grain crops in August and September; fresh jujubes in October; and rice, apples, chili peppers, and pears from September to November. The Gwanghyewon Plant will contribute to the improvement of rural household incomes and actively participate in forming a win-win growth culture with the local community.

‹‹ Power & Industrial Systems PG


Power & Industrial Systems PG ESS Wins 2013 Frost & Sullivan Korea Excellence Award for Product Innovation

The ESS (Energy Storage System) of Power & Industrial Systems PG won the Product Innovation Award (Product Line Strategy in ESS Integration Award) in 2013 Frost & Sullivan Korea Excellence Awards on June 28th. Clap clap clap~~

In addition to expanding domestic markets, Power & Industrial Systems PG also succeeded in winning an overseas contract at the end of last year, being the first Korean company to do so. It has also recently won the contract for a national project in the related field, further developing the ESS business.

The Product Innovation Award is given to the company that made outstanding achievements by thoroughly capturing consumer needs and product demands based on technological skills. Frost & Sullivan evaluated that ‘Hyosung has the optimized solution applicable to various uses in the ESS field, and owns excellent market expansion abilities.’ 

Having commercialized ESS products for the first time in Korea, Power & Industrial Systems PG also succeeded in developing overseas markets at the end of last year, actively expanding the ESS markets in Korea as well as overseas. Hyosung has established the ESS with total capacity of 5 for complementary services of electrical power systems and renewable energies in Jeju Jocheon Substation and Hangwon Wind Farm. It was also the first in Korea to build the 1 ESS to reduce electric power load in Samsung SDI Giheung Office and the 250 System in Guri Agricultural & Marine Products Center. 

In particular, it was the first Korean company to win an overseas contract with Hong Kong CLP Power to build a 400kW ESS system at the end of last year, planning to complete delivery by the second half of this year. Moreover, Hyosung has recently won the contract for the national project of ‘electric power system frequency control ESS operation system and electricity market system’ in cooperation with Korea Power Exchange (KPX) and Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI).

The global ESS market size was worth $1.4 billion (KRW 1.6 trillion) in 2012, which is expected to grow over 36% every year and reach $15.6 billion (KRW 17.8 trillion) by 2020. The domestic market is foreseeing the supply of 200 (KRW 320 billion) ESS by 2016 led by the government.

ESS is a type of a large battery system used to store electricity when there are low electricity demands and low rates such as the dead of night, and use the stored electricity during peak hours when the rates are high or when there is a gap between demand and supply in a short period of time.

Jochiwon Plant Changes its Name to Sejong Plant

The Power & Industrial Systems PG Jochiwon Plant changed its name to ‘Sejong Plant’ as of July 1st and held a signboard hanging ceremony. The purpose is to reduce business confusion in terms of region by changing the name of the plant according to the establishment of Sejong City. Incorporated into Sejong City, the Sejong Plant is expected to have positive effects on corporate image as well as on the image of Sejong City as the new administration center and futuristic city equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Strategy PU Holds a Road Show in Ulsan

The Strategy PU held a road show for clients on June 26th in Ulsan. The first road show took place in 2011 in Ulsan, Pohang, and Busan, where the company introduced the maintenance, prevention and diagnosis projects of transformers and circuit breakers. The second road show this year introduced the C-GIS market trend, FATS System (SVC, STATCOM), ESD, and ESS as well. Many clients showed interest in the electricity cost reduction effect through the ESS (Energy Storage System). “I couldn’t think of conducting inspections because it’s not easy to cut the power supply and stop running the facilities, but today’s presentation made me realize its importance,” commented a client who participated in the road show, showing trust in Hyosung’s products.


Changwon Plant Employee Han Gwang-soo Receives Changwon ‘Best Worker of the Month’ Award

Han Gwang-soo, Production Support Team of Management Division in the Changwon Plant, received Changwon ‘Best Worker of the Month’ award. This award has been given to distinguished workers in companies within the jurisdiction of Changwon since 2004 to inspire enterprising spirits and boost the morale. 

Han developed high-efficiency induction motor production technology, wind power EESG electricity, internal-combustion intermediate 5.2 generator, and LNG Main Cargo pump based on technical skills he has developed while working in the same field for 29 years. As a technician with unrivaled technologies in the electrical field, he has also contributed to enhancing productivity as well as quality through technology development and process improvement. Han has also acquired 13 electricity-related certificates such as Master Craftsman Electricity and Special Electrical Engineer despite his busy work life. Moreover, he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Changwon Polytechnic College and through credit certification system. Based on the theories he learned at school and hands-on experience on site, he reduced a budget of KRW 2.7 billion with high-efficiency ceiling fixture replacement.

Changwon Plant Implements Training to Build Customer-Oriented Mind

On July 4th in the auditorium of Innovation Building, the Changwon Plant implemented staff training to build customer-oriented mind for over 70 employees from the Strategic Procurement Team, Outsourcing Procurement Team, and Partner Technical Support Team who work in contact with partners and clients. The Changwon Plant implemented this training to pursue development of customer service mind of staff in charge of partners and clients, by presenting causes for recently rising social issues regarding the ownership of power in relationships, along with effective measures to cope with such issues. The lectures consisted of various topics such as the changed purchase environment, customer service etiquette, and communication methods.

Changwon Plant Provides ‘Change and Innovation Training’ for Class 4 and Class 5 Employees in the Manufacturing Team

The Changwon Plant implemented Change and Innovation Training’ for Class 4 and Class 5 employees in the Manufacturing Team. 153 participants completed the training session for 2 days between June 20th and July 9th at Kumho Chungmu Marina Resort. This training session is intended for participants to have the opportunity for introspection as well as self-change to enhance their competences. The participants listened to lectures on how to succeed in organizational life, know-how to create a workplace where they can be happy, how to design plans to develop careers, and how to think positively. They also watched videos and shared their ideas through discussions. The training session served as a momentum for the participants to align the organizational and individual goals in one direction in the constantly changing environment. 

Changwon Plant Holds Smoking Cessation Education Program and Meeting

On June 28th, the Changwon Plant carried out the smoking cessation campaign in front of the cafeteria of the Changwon Plant 1. The smoking cessation education program and meeting took place in the auditorium of the Innovation Building for 42 applicants who applied for the 2nd smoking cessation fund program. The smoking cessation fund program is intended to encourage the Changwon Plant employees to quit smoking, refunding 2.5 times the accumulated amount (accumulation limited to KRW 300,000) when succeeded. Participants were tested on their smoking status by checking nicotine through urinalysis. They also received education for effective ways to quit smoking, and were given information on the upcoming schedule as well as the plans for operating the fund. 58 participants of the 1st smoking cessation fund program, which had begun back in February, took the final test in late July to determine success.


Construction PG ››

Construction PG Holds the Welcoming Ceremony for 2013 Construction PG Win-win Growth Council

The Construction PG held the welcoming ceremony for 2013 Construction PG Win-win Growth Council on July 16th. This event was intended to build trust with the partners and reinforce fellowship. Over 50 representatives of partners participated in the ceremony, including Construction PG Head Cha Cheon-soo, Construction PU Head Kim Dong-woo, Jinheung Enterprise Vice President Jang Gun-soo, and Hyosung EBARA Engineering PU Head Lim Nam-jae. 

Cha asked the representatives of the partners to put continuous efforts into communication, and promised to grow and share benefits with the partners. They also shared the four guidelines for fair trade, code of ethics for transparent business activities, and the Construction PG’s plans for win-win management. The Construction PG will divide the Council into fair trade department, win-win growth department, technical cooperation department, and educational cooperation department to exchange more in-depth ideas.


Information & Communication PG ››

Nautilus Hyosung Carries Out Education Program for Organizational Activation ‘Communication Up! Teamwork Up!’

Nautilus Hyosung carried out the education program for organizational activation titled Communication Up! Teamwork Up!’ as part of the company’s GWP activities. The program was held in 11 sessions from July 9th to 22nd in Hotel Prima Seoul. Employees could understand one another and communicate open-mindedly through this program, which was carried out in team units for more active communication within the team. Participants used the opportunity to truly understand and communicate with one another through a variety of activities such as introspecting by drawing self-portraits, sharing thoughts and experiences with listening/speaking cards, experiencing the importance of communication through simulation games, and establishing team practice plans to enhance communication and teamwork.


Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant Reached the Accident-free Target 14 Times

On June 14th, the Gumi Plant received the certification plaque by the Northern Gyeongbuk Area Office of the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) for reaching the accident-free target for the 14th time. Thanks to the efforts of Plant Manager Lee Ho-haeng and all employees to prevent accidents, not a single accident occurred in the Gumi Plant in the past 17 years (5,940 days from March 24th, 1996, to April 4th, 2013), making it an accident-free workplace 14 times.

Hyosung Capital PU Implements Empowerment Training for Different Levels

Hyosung Capital PU implemented empowerment training for different levels for two days ----- team managers on July 5th, and deputy department heads and section chiefs on July 12th. The training for team managers took place in Chereville Hotel in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, while the training for deputy department heads and section chiefs took place in Elysian Gangchon.

This training will be carried out in five sessions for each level from July to the first week of September. It is differentiated from the existing training programs in that it is a customized training program for employees based on ideas from the Can-meeting held back in June under with the basis of ‘internal and external communication.’ The training consisted of ‘Learning Business Etiquettes with Wine,’ and ‘Office Forum Theater’ that depicts the ideal team manager and leader at work through a play. The ‘Office Forum Theater,’ in which participants actually performed with professional actors and actresses, served as a momentum for them to understand the actual difficulties and dilemmas between superiors and subordinates. The employees were highly satisfied with the play, claiming that they could form a fresh new bond among themselves. The training ended with a boat race near Yangpyeonggyo (Bridge) to enhance teamwork and leadership. 

This was a great opportunity to strengthen the unity among team managers of different departments to solidify their goals. Providing an occasion to communicate with members of the same level, this training enabled each and every employee to review their insufficient capabilities and come up with solutions, while also greatly contributing to the increase of company-wide communication activities. The remaining sessions are also anticipated to serve as an opportunity for employees to actively participate and confirm their willpower.

Hyosung Information Systems Discloses Strategy to Maximize IT Investment Effects

Hyosung Information Systems launched the ‘Hitachi Unified Storage VM All-Flash System’ on July 23rd. They also disclosed their strategy made up of a whole new portfolio such as great functional enhancement of product lines of Hitachi Unified Storage and Hitachi NAS Platform, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform.

Recently, IT operating expenses of companies continue to increase due to the sharp data increase and complexity issues of cloud infrastructure. To meet the market conditions, Hyosung Information Systems has made efforts based on the strategy to maximize IT investment effects (Maximize IT) to reduce total ownership cost by up to 30% compared to the equivalent products in the market and enhance performance by up to double compared to previous products.

The new portfolio supports customers to make quick and accurate decisions based on insight and enhance usability of resources. It also helps companies build flexible private cloud, which is essential for companies to maintain their service level. Companies can use this to improve the speed and availability of IT systems and maintain top-class workload.


	The Class Hyosung Offers ‘July Summer Healing Program’

The Class Hyosung offered the ‘Summer Healing Program’ that provides an opportunity to own Mercedes-Benz with a variety of benefits for July.

‘Summer Healing Program’ includes the following events: 1) offering Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Healing Hotel packages (1 night in the Club Deluxe Room + Club breakfast for two + Club Lounge benefits for two for the first 100 guests) to all buyers of B-Class and C-Class; 2) offering free Hotel Shilla Midsummer Gift (organic samgyetang meal for four) for buyers of The New E-Class and all types of S-Class in July (for the first 150 buyers); and 3) extending the integrated service package (regular inspection, exchange of consumables and general repair) to 5 years for S-Class customers.

“We provide hotel packages for customers who purchase the entry model in the hot summer of July, and organic samgyetang meals specially prepared in collaboration with Hotel Shilla for The New E-Class/S-Class buyers,” said Park Jae-chan, CEO of The Class Hyosung. “We are offering the ‘Summer Healing Program’ for our customers to enjoy various benefits and spend a healthy summer.”

social contribution news

Anyang Office Cleans Hogye Neighborhoods Parks

The Anyang Office carried out cleaning activities at Hogye Neighborhood Parks on June 26th. Over 20 employees of the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&C Center, Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development Center cleaned Hogye Neighborhood Parks for an hour from the main gate of the Anyang Plant and through Hogye Gymnasium. The Anyang Office is regularly conducting cleaning activities once a month to clean up the environment in the community.

Ulsan Plant HyoUl Alpine Club Volunteers to Clean Up Solmaru-gil

On July 6th, the Ulsan Plant HyoUl Alpine Club carried out a volunteer activity of cleaning up Solmaru-gil located in Nam-gu, Ulsan, to beautify the local environment before the vacation season. 18 volunteers and members of the HyoUl Alpine Club cleaned up around the mountaineering trail to keep Solmaru-gil clean, collecting garbage and carrying out cleanup campaigns for mountain climbers.

The Ulsan Plant shares warm love to achieve win-win growth with the local community by carrying out various volunteer works such as the Red Cross Service Association activities, One-Company-Two-Schools, One-Company-One-Village, One-Company-One-River, and One-Company-One-Section (Solmaru-gil) activities. The Ulsan Plant will continue to promote house repair activities and lunch-sharing event with social welfare centers.


Changwon Plant Shares Commodities with the Underprivileged

The Changwon Plant shared commodities to help the underprivileged on July 12th, delivering 20kg of rice and ventilation mats for 200 unfortunate households in Changwon. The commodities were prepared by the collection by employees through the one-employee one-account system as well as the Matching Grant donated by the company in the amount collected by employees. Moreover, members of 16 in-company clubs in the Changwon Plant visited each household to deliver the commodities. The Changwon Plant has been sharing rice and commodities with 200 unfortunate households in Changwon twice a year since 2011. The rice is bought from the partner village Shinchang Village in Haman, providing love for farm villages as well as neighbors.


Hyosung Goodsprings PU Changwon Plant Returns Profits of Charity Bazaar to the Community

The Angel’s Association (Cheonsahoe) of the Hyosung Goodsprings PU Changwon Plant delivered the profits of the fundraising charity bazaar to support children from low-income families in Gyeongnam region. Commodities left over from the bazaar were delivered through the multicultural family support center in Ungnam Community Center. The Angel’s Association will continue to carry out many volunteer and sponsorship activities, gradually expanding the scope of contribution. “We hope our donations are used valuably for the underprivileged children in Gyeongnam,” said Seung Sae-bong, head of the Angel’s Association. “We will continue to provide helping hands for those in need.” This activity was introduced in <GN News>, the local media, resulting in the enhanced status of Hyosung in the community externally and increased pride of the employees internally.

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