[Reading a Special Theme] A Life with Rest, What You Need Right Now?

2013. 8. 19. 09:55

A Life with Rest, What You Need Right Now?

We are living in a time when the keyword of healing is a trend. No one will disagree that it is important to maintain mental health by managing your mind as much as you manage the body. As an exhausted body needs medicine, a burned-out mind needs to be refreshed. Even machines need to be cleaned and maintained well in order to function properly for a long time. The same goes for people. We cannot show our ability properly without rest and repose. Yet, most modern people neglect the true meaning of repose. Let’s examine a few key types and think about what we should do in order to rest properly.

Our Minds Need to be Refreshed

Nerd Type – Don’t Loosen Up!

Don’t Loosen Up!

Some people fuss over the smallest mistakes and are always in tension not to repeat the same mistakes. Such cautious attitude is essential for managing performance, but too much is as bad as too little. The level of tension is most efficient in creating outcome when it is around the middle rather than too high. To control tension, don’t just blame yourself or reflect on your mistakes, but also compliment yourself on what you did well. Tension and relaxation can form a proper balance only when reflection and compliment are well balanced instead of tilting to one side.

 Workaholic Type – Anxious About Playing --- I May Fall Behind if I Take a Break

I May Fall Behind if I Take a Break

Focusing too much on work makes some people worry that they may fall behind if they take a break. The strong desire for achievement leads you to strive for self-improvement and takes you one step closer to success, but it also has the risk of driving you to a state where you are burned out.


Once, when I gave a lecture at a large company and told the audience that they should be satisfied with small achievements in order to maintain mental health, an executive asked me not to say that to the employees because they will become lazy and idle, which will result in decreased output.


If we think we must not relieve tension until we make a great achievement, our minds will be so worn out that we will be completely exhausted before reaching that goal. Thus, we must enjoy the small accomplishments in between, refresh ourselves, and obtain the energy to proceed to the next level.

Lukewarm Type – Neither Playing, Nor Working

Neither Playing, Nor Working

The final type, likely to neglect repose, includes people who have a lot of thoughts but are not active in putting it into practice. They are interested in managing mental health and seek advice on how to control their stress, and yet they find it too much trouble to actually do something about it. For example, although they agree that they need a hobby or exercise, they do not put it into practice with many excuses: they have no money, no time, and no patience to keep up their hobbies. People in this type are less likely to be burned out from tension like other types, but they are also not likely to obtain energy and vigor because they are not willing to create pleasant experiences.

You Need Effort to Rest Properly

You Need Effort to Rest Properly

Examine the three types and check if you are relevant to any of the above. Repose is not just about doing nothing. You need practice and effort in taking a rest.


There was a survey on leisure activities of working people, and the most popular answer was watching TV. Staring at the TV with a remote control in your hand is not really repose that refreshes you to regain psychological energy and gives life to your everyday life. To comfort your exhausted mind and regain psychological energy, you need to take a rest, relieve tension, and make efforts to explore the activities that give you pleasure. 

Practical Rules to Put Your Mind at Rest

Hyunjoo Lee, KPAC President

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